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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. happens quite a lot unfortunately ...rip mate hope all will be revealed
  2. there r some wankers for sure ...thanks for starting the thread ...it could be a thumbs up for someone ....i am amazed at the cost of bikes ....they r obviously a magnet but i dont think people should be derided for wanting good stuff .....last year my little nephew was robbed of his sneakers ...this is a very common occurence and is rarely reported as people feel silly ..i am not a bike rider ,,,but if i was and rode in this area i would be greatful for the warning ...cheers
  3. it will all be decided by rent and returns ...after saying that though sometimes there is no logic in asian thinking so anything can happen
  4. they r pricey but tasty ...the meat is a lot dearer for comparable quality in asia .....they were good value in un ave in manila cheers
  5. brings back memories ....vientiane is a good rest from los
  6. great thanks .......all resorts look better 35 or so years back ... cheers
  7. lots of humourus comments but this piece of shite is really something ..the mind boggles what would have happened if he had found a sleeping infant in the room ..... i hope he is taken 50 miles out to sea and ......
  8. honey lodge was great stopped staying there because of the fxxxxx dogs that used to roam in the alley i complained to the management who then spoke to the shopkeeper on the corner who owned the dogs for a while he kept them restrained then let them out again ...they bit a guy......the third attack i saw from these mutts and that was that ....didnt fancy hospital injections etc otherwise a great joint a minute to walking street great of a night if u r pxxxxed cheers
  9. mate good luck ...u will need it 20 years ..have heard of these type of reunions before they always end in disaster ..
  10. good luck to him some people r not like me .....in other words they have a quid cheers
  11. yes with u on that ...by the way i met a girl in a bj bar the other night ...she told me her great granma went down on the taitanic .....
  12. they r going to introduce a minimum charge the days of freebies r over in oz people r making a concerted effort to cut down ....the companies lose out so min charges r introduced same thing happening here ...work it out how many under 200 x so many hundreds of thousand and voila ..
  13. i have found that its almost impossible to get their discount fares ...often booked out 15 mins after advertisement .
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