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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Not wanting to hijack the thread, but feel that starting a seperate one is more of a no-no, i'll tag this quick question on here: I have (wait for it!!!!) and old style GREEN UK driving licence that is 100% still valid for use in UK. I've never moved in all the time since i was issued with it, and never felt the need to "upgrade" to any other Around end of March/early April,however, i will be moving to Thailand for the foreseeable future (I'll go through the process of getting an O-A via the upgrade from tourist visa) The question is, will this non photo licence be acceptable to the Thai DL
  2. Ive decided to swerve threads like this from now on, where possible They're just too depressing !!! Once you start looking at the pics you think "aaahhh!!! " with a nice warm feeling inside Then, however you start to think "i wonder what she in that pic is doing now? Perhaps she's dead, or old and worn out" Or wonder about all the people you met and had a laugh with in your times on the lash, and what happened to them Then you look in the mirror and say out loud "FUCK !!!! is this what's happened to me???" Like i say....time to swerve these types of thread Malc
  3. Nice st of pics, thanks Doesn't that space in pics 2 and 5 look JUST right for a condo block VT anyone? Malc
  4. Yeah, and it was much easier to get about, too !!!! I remember there being not that many buildings along Second Road, once you got headed North, past the Royal Garden (which were bungalow type rooms then) Third Road was like "where the workers lived in squalor" kind of feeling, with not much in the way of farang language to the sinage. Much the same with Pattaya Tai But i guess its a case of ........nostalgia not being like it was Malc
  5. Same shit, different singer Once they get rid of the jetski scams, the ladyboy pickpockets, beggers, hustlers and other assorted human detritis. Once they find a better way of getting rid of sewage, other than the system now in place, where turds and sanitary towels/tampons are washed up on the beach, and they rid Walking Street of the smell from the outlet pipe prior to the "stilted" row of premises wafing its fragrance along it. Once they stop the gridlock of traffic on both Beach Road and Second Road (and all junctions thereof) Maybe, just maybe they will have a 10% chance of getting 20
  6. Any prices for both the rooms and food menu, apaert from that one meal already mentioned? It DOES look good, though Malc
  7. I just wonder how popular it REALLY was/is. This is at least the third company i have heard that has tried running a ferry service Pattaya-Hua-Hin, and the others folded within the 1st year of operation I've always fancied getting the train to Hua-Hin, but schlepping to the centre of Bangkok to begin the train journey kind of takes the fun out of it. Boat seems fun, though Malc
  8. In a word.......YES !!!! When i started coming to Pattaya in the late 80's, you couldn't walk down Beach Road for stalls selling all the fake gear, with all manner of nationalities blocking the pavement, bartering with the vendors. Even Walking Street when it came alive during the night hours had stalls piled up high with the likes of Polo shirts, designer jeans, ladies handbags, fake sunglasses, watches...you name it, it was for sale openly. NOW look at it. Apart from a few places that mix a few copies in with the crap, and those where the owners lead you into the back room out of sight, yo
  9. I'm just glad i saw Pattaya at what i consider its best, mongering wise The late 80's onwards to about 2005 were Nirvana for Westerners, compared to now Sad to hear of the changes going on now Malc
  10. BTW, OP. I noticed that Fawlty Towers was up for sale earlier this year Are you the new owner, or the previous one in another guise? Malc
  11. Is THAT what those little green and red buttons are for???? Malc
  12. What a silly little child you are Never heard of "repartee" ? Its quite common in football fan circles You should go to anger management classes, perhaps Malc
  13. Are you villians never happy? First you get Monsieur Hoolahoops, and hound him towards another heart scare and subsequent retirement Now you moan at getting "Big Eck" Just thank your lucky stars it wasn't Benitez !!!!!!! Malc
  14. I take it, it won't be the boat on the website, though? Still, a good day out, and a good craic with the right 10 people Malc
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