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  1. I will be arriving in patts in march Can anyone please answer a few dental questions for me I need 2 false teeth and a plate for my bottom front teeth Can anyone give me an estimate of the price.. How long it will take for the teeth to get done and. Can anyone reccomend A dentist Cheers
  2. Hard Rock hotel has a kids club with babysitters all day
  3. I have been staying here for the last 5 years Last time i was there was march last year it was a good hotel,but last time i was there,the place was a bit run down and it seemed like they did not spend any money in the upkeep of it Value for money it is still good As for location,if you walk through the new Pattaya plaza,its only a 10 minute walk to soi 8
  4. I always book the first night.then get up early and have a look around the next day.always seem to get a good rate
  5. theres a cambodian immigration office just over the border..just go there and pay 1000 baht and they will give you a visa..i don't think thais need a visa...my wifes allowed to go to the market without having to pay anything..she goes there while i wait in the casino..don't expect anything flash there..its mainly all one arm bandits there..can't ever recall seeing any blackjack or roulette tables
  6. have been here many times.main reason is that its only a 10 minute drive from my wifes families house and they have farang toilets there..but thats another story.. firstly the cambodian part of the border is called osmach..when you walk through the gates at the border..the casino is about 100 metres on the left hand side..and theres a big hotel on the right hand side.. but have no idea of the name of the hotel..you stop at a car park about 500 metres before the border and baht buses take you to the border.. another thing i should mention..not sure if it concerns over night stays..but if you only go as far as the casino and no further..you do not require a cambodian visa...about another 300 metres past the casino is one of the cheapest markets i have ever been to..you need a cambodian visa for here
  7. theres a money changer in soi 6..down near the beach end.that doesn't charge commission for travellers cheques.and once you go there the first time..they keep your records..so next time you go..don't have to take your passport
  8. try the honey hotel on sukhumvit soi 19.always stay there and have never had a problem...downstairs rooms are 750 a night upstairs rooms are 850 a night
  9. the olympos bar in soi 7 is owned by a cypriot.alot of australian cypriots drink there.the bar is located at the top end of soi 7.opposite flipper house
  10. www.hotelthailand/pattaya/markland
  11. have just been reading the hotel reviews on bangkok.can anybody plese tell me where muangphol hotel and happy inn are located please
  12. i have heard pinewood on 2nd road opposite soi 6 is a good serviced condo.don't know the prices but
  13. i always stay at the honey hotel in sukhumvit soi 19.900 baht per night.no guest fee.has a swimming pool and is a 2 minute walk to asok sky train station
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