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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. MM sorry but never seen the movie But the books are really fantastic a must read keep you enthralled they are long but just like I said the best books I've read for years and I read a lot of books An amazing heroine features in them all Lisbeth PS I have ploughed my way through them twice which is highly unusual for me
  2. Best books that I have read for years were the millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson Starting with the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and followed by two others Great enthralling reads each book is more than 600 pages but just fantastic Unfortunately he died (young) before the books became a world wide sensation and best sellers
  3. fabulous photos brings back many memories from my trips to Amsterdam Thanks so much for posting
  4. Thank you so much Rhino for some fabulous photos But where do you find these gorgeous babes ? I am so jealous
  5. Congrats Hammer Please post some photos of what I'm sure will be fabulous night for guys like me stuck in the UK
  6. no doubt good to go with BigD for 1000 baht oh well he can dream LOL
  7. Re Robins nest sounds good but who drinks big mugs of tea with breakfast I'd prefer a big chang beer LOL
  8. So you provide sheesha in a massage place !! disgusting smell Why ? So you are aiming at arab customers Count me out on both would never visit your place sorry but doubt you will get any western guys good luck as you are targeting arabs
  9. Agree Jacko we may never find out but 2 pilots agreeing to commit suicide and turning off transponders and communications then turning twice then ditching in the Indian ocean doesn't make any kind of sense
  10. To fat controller If was pilot suicide why not just fly the plane down into the sea Why were transponders and comunications turned off Why change course twice then fly over the Indian ocean till fuel ran out Just doesn't make sense A catastrophic event in the cockpit or an attempted hijack gone wrong sounds more likely
  11. To Fat Controller I know this is off topic but as an air traffic controller can you please shed some light on the Malaysian air disaster Thanks
  12. BigD Here in the UK and in Pattaya McDonalds serve the worst coffee I have ever tasted weak tastless shit As an American how can you possibly recommend that ?
  13. In reponse to a previous poster Mac and Burger king are the worst chips in the world absolute shite I come from Scotland and we have real chip shops and real chips Macs and Burger king are frozen shit and taste like it BTW their coffee is shite also If you want real chips to go a chip shop in Scotland or anywhere in the UK fresh cut chips fried in fat Not good for your heart but delicious can also get fried haddock or a deep fried mars bar LOL Moral of this tale is if you want good chips go to a chippy if you want good coffee go to Costa or Starbucks Why go to Thailand to eat fish
  14. Happy New Year to everyone on this board Sawadee pi mai Cheers Tilacno1
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