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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I'll be there if you've got a slot, planning on the first 3 weeks in Nov this year. I'm crap at the game but addicted.
  2. Thanks, I'm going to wait until the last 2-3 months this time. I've bookmarked the site & I'll check it then. How does the "pay later" bit work? Against Eva it says "ticket must be issued within 14 days after the booking. After ticket is issued, no refund and no date of change is allowed.". That would imply that they want money up front. I'd like to try Eva, so many people enthuse over it, but there's a problem; I prefer to travel on a Sunday (after working late on Saturday night for the last few pennies), but Eva fly out at midday. I live in Cornwall (I'm an expat )and I can't get to the airport in time using Public Transport.
  3. Troll alert, troll alert, troll alert, troll alert, troll alert, troll alert, troll alert, troll alert, troll alert, troll alert, troll alert, troll alert, troll alert, troll alert, troll alert, troll alert, troll alert. Please mentally fill in a siren noise while reading.
  4. Thanks all, I know that waiting is a gamble, but it looks like a good bet, so I'll wait. 8 months and counting. God, I'm sad.
  5. I usually come out at Christmas and book early because the flights get full. This year I'm planning on 30 Oct - 20 Nov (or thereabouts) and I'm wondering whether I should book now (and pay more because of it) or, book in the last couple of months and risk not getting a flight on my preferred dates (but should be cheaper). Can anyone tell me what are my chances of getting a cheap flight for those dates close to the time?
  6. doghaus, I'd love to, but I go home on the 23rd. Then it's 9 long months until I can return (unless the lottery comes up). I finally put my name in for the comp as an individual and let them match me up with others into a four. Just in time too, all the slots were filled by the 10th.
  7. Thanks all, I got some made in the end. Baggy even on me and shirt material, not golf shirt material, so it doesn't stick and is very airy and comfortable. Can also be used as an emergency tent for a family of 4.
  8. Hilly, the clues in the title! (Fri 21 Jan) Have pm'd you my phone number, let me know if you can make it. I've just found out today that the registration is from 06:30 and tee-offs from 07:00!! The Bastards!!! I'll still be going but may just have to have an early (well, earlyish) night before it.
  9. Thanks Duece, I play out of the Shack or Lewinskys almost exclusively, my clubs live at the Shack when I'm in town (saves all the carrying to/from the hotel). Thing is, the expats who want to play it are mostly fixed up already, and the tourists aren't here yet, so no luck there, but I'll keep trying. There's 3 weeks to go, in about 10 days I'll give up and book alone if I can't get a four together.
  10. The heading probably says it all if you golf over here. I'm in town on my own (well, me and 30,000 BGs ) and want to play in this. I could just put my name down and play with whoever they put me with, but I thought that I'd try to get up a four through the board first. It's at Phoenix BTW, here's a link to the write-up on last years; 2004 Charity Classic I'm crap (27 handicap) but love the game - although you couldn't tell by my swearing sometimes. Any takers?
  11. makavelli, Thanks, I'll try there but when I said 7XL, I meant XXXXXXXL. Basically a tent with a collar. Eneukman, I've asked before and always got the same answer; that they can't get the right material. I've never understood that, maybe I'll ask a few more. Thanks anyway. 14 days to go.
  12. The title pretty much says it all. I get normal clothes made in Pattaya but this trip I need to buy a few golf shirts. I don't care about logos but I need about 7XL - OK so I'm a fat bastard, what did you think my name meant! Can anyone point me to a shop that sells them, or a tailor that could make them, please?
  13. I was at the Pattaya Centre Hotel last Christmas, they didn't get anything up front from me! They did, however, ask for a credit card number (in case I didn't show up). I gave it to them then got the CC company to cancel the number and give me a new one - hey, I'm sneaky. The hotel is pretty much like the pictures on the website. On the upside. the Junior Suites are large and bright (I had one) but all the hotel has seen better days, it's all acceptable, but I just feel that a good handyman and a coat of paint could bring it up to spec at small cost, it's a shame that isn't likely to happen, cleaners did a good job, staff friendly, guests no problem (id's checked), pool small but clean, on the bahtbus route, TV ok. On the downside; only 2 smallish lifts, and one of those is turned off after midnight - I never did find out why, there are a lot of Chinese and East Europeans (families) there - I was told that the Chinese cause a problem by blocking the lifts but I didn't see it (we keep different hours), There was a "compulsory New Years Eve Gala Dinner" at 1,200Baht - I had to pay but didn't actually go (better things to do), reception is up a big flight of stairs. I didn't try the food. All in all, I'd go back but it wouldn't be my first choice (Residence Garden for me this year). Hope this helps.
  14. So, if your TG gets to know your PIN and you fall out, you could lose all that before you wake up and notice that your card is gone.
  15. Even within the UK usage changes over time. Not long after I started driving a taxi ('97), after picking up from a night club, I heard a young girl passenger saying to her mate "I pulled 6 boys tonight". I nearly crashed trying to get a good look at this slapper, but it was just a normal looking late teen. It turns out that "pulled" now means a chat, a dance, a kiss or suchlike. When I was that age it meant a shag (no, not the feathered kind, a fuck)! 6 would have been impressive.
  16. I find Spybot Search & Destroy better at finding and killing diallers. It can also "immunise" your PC against new risky downloads by warning you (or blocking them entirely if that's what you want). Try it, it's free.
  17. OK, thanks for the help, RG it is, just paid the deposit. Some of the other suggestions look OK, rooms are certianly OK but RG is the sort of place where I can see myself chilling for a day or so when I need to recharge the batteries. Only 6 months to go. What am I saying, I'm still there!!!! Soi 6 here I come.
  18. Stayed there 18 months ago. It's OK, but a hike to the bahtbus route. The hike is through the gay area, it's not a problem, just smile and wave no (assuming that you're not at home there ), but you'll get the gay equivalent of "handsum man" every time you pass, they don't get the idea that you're not interested.
  19. Some girls look like people that you'd like to get to know better. This one looks like someone I'd like to pin to a mattress. For at least 2 minutes.
  20. Thanks Emil, I'll put them on my list. This search is going to get me to parts of Pattaya that normally don't go to. Not a bad thing really, some trips I get home and realise that I haven't been in a single new bar or done anything new at all! It's amazing to me just how fast I discard all of my usual habits and fall into the "Pattaya mindset" as soon as I hit town. Well, new pussy maybe. LOL
  21. Thanks guys. So for I've got the RG, SS, Flippers & Eastiny to look over the first two are favourites on paper - well, screen anyway. I'm sure that I can add a couple more once I'm over there. Incidentally, torrenova, I gather that you're a bar owner who's honourable enough not to advertise here (unlike one or two others). If you PM me the address I'll drop in for a cold one when I'm over. And Pieman, I'll look out for your Mar 04 trip report. I should get to Pattaya about 19:00ish on the 7th so, after a shower, change, and quick beer or three at my Pattaya local I'll be going hunting, any party invites are always welcome.
  22. Hi all, I'm looking for a hotel for a 5-week trip over Christmas; I'm going to be in town for a couple of weeks from June 7 and for something to do between drinks, golf and the ladies, plan to "audition" hotels to find a good one for Christmas. I'll pay a deposit while I'm in town, which should simplify things - I hate using credit cards on the net, especially with Thai hotels. Doing it this way has to beat booking a hotel that I've only seen over the net! I've looked at the hotel reviews but there are so many that I don't know where to start, hence this request. In June I'm planning to stay at the Penthouse Hotel, I love the place and it's perfect for a couple of weeks of fun. BUT, I find it too "full on" for longer trips, I just can't relax there, there's always noise and staff knocking on the door. I'm hoping that some of you can help me make a list of hotels worth looking over. The hotel must have; A big, strong bed - I'm tall & fat, A lift - elevator to you Americans, A shower that isn't over the bath, A pool, A quiet location - or be tall enough for the room to be over all the noise & flashing lights, A room safe or reception safety deposit box, Guest friendly, ID checks for my guests, Good security, On the bahtbus route or at least not too far away - no ½ hour taxi rides. I'd like; A high room with a view, A decent bar in the hotel, A room safe, Walking distance from Pattayaland/Walking Street Good TV - hey, sometimes I like a quiet few hours to recharge. I don't want; Noise, A "family" hotel - I'd rather be among folk who're there for the same thing that I am, Chinese tour groups - bad experience last Christmas at Pattaya Centre Hotel. I'm looking to pay about 1,000-1,500 Baht a night - bearing in mind that I'll be booking for 5 weeks, that should give me a lot of choice. Yes, I know that I can get an acceptable hotel cheaper, it's my main holiday and I don't mind paying for quality. I'm definitely going to look at the Residence Garden, any more suggestions please? Big Brian
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