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  1. Sadly I left Pattaya on Sunday (4th) and although building work is evidently ongoing, there is now no heavy machinery in place. It looks as though it might be hand-built from here on!!
  2. If anyone is thinking of staying at the Dynasty on Soi 13, please be aware that the building work on the plot beside it has now started in earnest with heavy machinery etc in place. The other side of the plot is the Pattaya Beach Condo (some apartments affected) and across the road is The AA - some rooms affected. I'm staying at the Inn House (highly recommend it!) which seems unaffected and it seems unlikely that Sandy Spring Hotel will be either.
  3. It didn't work out!! Alex completely overlooked the booking. Telephoned him - he asked if I could take a taxi!! Went to the departures floor and took a taxi for 1,200 baht (plus 100 baht tip). Only problem was that driver didn't know his way around Pattaya and eventually had to get a moped to lead him to Soi 13. The more recent reports of Alex's unreliability are confirmed, I regret to say. My advice: sort it out when you arrive - there are plenty of options.
  4. Valentino Thanks. Looks like I'll have to check out the situation when I get there (Thursday ). If I get to the bottom of it, I'll post the answers when I return. Bazle
  5. Valentino It's great to have recourse to someone obviously so knowledgeable in this area. Wonder if you can help on this one. Like a few other posters, I'd prefer that where I am when I make a call is not necessarily known to the person I am calling. Could you (or someone) please tell me what comes up on the 'phone of the person I am calling if I make an international call. I am from the UK and use the 02 network and am willing to put up with their exhorbitant call rate if I call the UK when I am in LOS (not going to make many calls - not worth getting 'phone unlocked, buying second
  6. Thanks everyone for your tips. Have booked with Alex and so far so good - prompt replies to all emails. Bazle
  7. Much obliged, Big D. There seems to be no sure-fire answer so I'll have to choose one service to book by Email and be prepared to operate the back-up plan of the regular taxi service outside the terminal. 17 days and counting! Baz
  8. Help please!! I recall seeing in one of the threads mention of a reliable and cheap taxi service from Bangkok Airport to Pattaya (1,500 Baht, I think). Can't find it now. Can anyone recommend a service I can book over the internet, please. I have tried booking with a scuba diving school in Pattaya which was advertising such a taxi service (even for people not going to their school) but they have not replied to my email - so they do not fill me with confidence even if eventually they do reply. Thanks.
  9. Gordon That's great. Thanks again. I have gone ahead and booked at the Inn House. Enjoy your stay. I'm looking forward to 25 March!! Bazle
  10. Gordon Much appreciated. This board is just so useful when independent, on-the-spot info is provided like this. I'm planning on staying at the Inn House at the end of March/beginning of April. I don't need a pool. Is there anything you know of to suggest that that is not a wise choice? It is important to me that the place isn't noisy as I'm a light sleeper!! Thanks again. Bazle
  11. Does anyone know if this will affect the Inn House?
  12. I'm booked in to the RG for a few days in early April. However, I have just read a posting on this board by a guy who stayed there in January and was woken up every morning by noisey building work. As the world's lightest sleeper, I'm alarmed!! If anyone knows the current situation regarding the building work, I'd be very grateful if he could provide an update. Many thanks. Baz
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