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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. KSC has developed quite a lot of the last 10-15 years. But still fairly sleepy. I'd say the smartest accommodation on the island is https://somewherehotel.com/ - is part of a group that owns 2-3 hotels in Si Racha. The hotel's very close to Pan & Dave's restaurant. These are both on the east side of the island. There's a couple of coffee shops that are half way decent. For sunsets and beaches - best on the western side.
  2. Seems bizarre that Laem Chabang, a large container port handling 6-7 million containers....and not having a decent rail infrastructure... So they use Sukhumvit Highway...
  3. Wondering if anyone's travel to Patts by train? Sets off 0655, passes the airport (Lat Krabang) 0805. 1012 - SI Racha jct (my stop) 1034 - Pattaya Return trip PATT-BKK 1420-1815 Fancy a change; In the past I've driven, taxi-ed down, mini vanned, bussed from Ekamai.
  4. Hi, might be interested. The insurance, does it cover CDW etc? Any excesses?
  5. Thanks. Bit clearer to me now. I'm buying a Saver ticket and will be able to reserve a seat once online check in is available. OR pay the extra £160 for a Flexi Saver. £160 is beers and entertainment is my option.
  6. Does anyone know how much the seat reservation charges are? Found a flight for £560 (economy saver). Can't find out how much seat reservations are.... But the Economy Flex Saver is an extra £130, with free seat reservation.
  7. Wondering if anyone can help. Is there anywhere in Pattaya or Bangkok that you can hire camera lenses? I fancy trying out an UWA (ultra wide angle) lens, that will do for architecture or landscapes. Something like a Sigma 10-20mm HSM or Nikon 10-24. Cheers.
  8. Great pictures! What type of camera are you using digital slr or compact?
  9. So windy the chicken laid the same egg four times..... must be the west coast of Ireland...
  10. Flying in on AF0166 from Paris CDG, arrives Sunday 7th Dec, 0705. Anyone fancy sharing a taxi.... I'm going to Sri Racha (Ko Loy). It's 15 miles up from Patts.
  11. Booked KLM from LHR-BKK on 26th Nov for flights on 6-15th Dec. £494.
  12. There was a time......when the sun never set on the Empire...
  13. I think he still had 4 or 5 days left on his visa......a bit close to the wire...
  14. I think he went on an unsuccessful visa run. I think he crossed at Poipet or Savanakhet.... where he was refused entry... then back at Thai border, they saw he had 4-5 days left and then issued a 15 day visa.... so he could sort himself out.
  15. Copy that! Hopefully this is a heads up to other board members.....keep on top of visa and passport dates...
  16. Seatguru is a great site.... Flightradar is also useful for identifying the plane type...
  17. Thanks chaps for all the advice. My friend's Thai visa was renewed at the border for only 15 days. He had 5 months left of his passport. So he didn't have the luxury of renewing in Thailand (sending it to HK? Philipines?), as it would have taken too long. He returned to UK, touching down at LHR at 6am.... off to the passport office in Victoria for 11am.. issued new passport 3-4pm. Didn't fancy using the Thai Embassy, think he said there was a 4-7 day turn around on the visa. So he booked an appointment at the Thai Consulate Hull, and was in and out in 30 mins with a Multiple Entry visa..
  18. Thanks for the advice.... I'll forward it on to him....
  19. Thank you for the bad news..... I guess this is heads up to all retirees who forget to maintain their acct b alances and fail to keep their passports up to date.
  20. He's a British passport holder. Apparently the Embassy has farmed out passport matters to Consuls? Is that correct? He is currently on a retirement visa. He's unfortunately let his acct slip below 800k for 3 months.
  21. Hi Gents, Seeking some advice for a "friend" in need/trouble. Has 15 days left on his visa and didn't realise his passport expires in April, so doesn't have 6 months left on it... So can't exit the country to renew visa. What are his best options (hopefully precluding flying). Any help and advice will be truly appreciated..... Regards, Gh.
  22. 2nd air con class sleepers have a squat and a western loo.....
  23. Very happy using Mr T's Taxi service. Chap waiting in arrivals, took me to Sri Racha..... happy with the price. Would use again.
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