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  1. I just took this flight from singapore-manchester-houston about 2 weeks ago on the 777er. Must admit singapore is an extremely comfortable airline to fly on and this flight was one of the smoothest I've ever had. Actually landed an hour early and the ground crew wasn't even there when we got to the gate. The downside is the flight is LONG and the lounge access is pretty much just a closet in the swissair lounge. I will definitely take this flight again, especially if they switch it to the A350, been wanting to fly on that plane for awhile now.
  2. Ok, it's been about 2 years since my last Pattaya trip but the itch is growing in me so I had to try and get the penthouse in my favorite hotel The vault... and the links are all dead. So I start digging around the internet and it looks like the vault has been sold to some crappy thai wellness spot. WTH? Does anyone have any info on what happened to my favorite spot and what happened to bionic manMike? Would really like to know inc that was by far my favorite spot in the whole town.
  3. Ok, that looks like fun and I will have to hit that next time i'm in town. If you decide to go give us a review on it. Would be very appreciated.
  4. Well since I'll be flying into Beijing on my way back to Patts next month I'll make it a point to inquire about that when I land. Hopefully things will be sorted out by then and if it works I'll definitely make a point of arranging a stopover there on the way back.
  5. Well it's not on soi 7/8 but it's right across 2nd road on Soi Diana and called the Irish Rover. Brand new rooms, all rooms have safes (actually all drawers desk, closet, etc) have key locks, good bar downstairs and Patrick runs a comfortable place to be for 700 baht a night. Add to that the bi-weekly crawls (darkside & Ban Chang) with Lolitas off to the right and the devil's den to your left and the golf club 20 feet away deliviring some truly huge food makes for a good comfortable time for an easy vacation.
  6. Cherry Bar has always been one of my favorite hangouts and expect to see me in 10 days Hammer. This time I won't forget to buy my T-shirt (I say that every time)
  7. Well it looks like I'm timing my trip perfectly this year, I'll be there on the 23rd and will make it a point to swing through for the grand opening, save that far barstool for my fat butt I'll be parking it there on opening night.
  8. Have to agree with you there, rooms are ok and food/drinks aren't bad downstairs but those stairs where MURDER. Plus if you stagger in as late as I used to going around the back to crawl up the stairs in that alley just really didn't appeal to me. The location is nice though, right across from my fav ST Bar and the evening view out my window was... inspiring.
  9. I'll be arriving on Feb17th 9pm and heading straight down to Psttaya from the airport. Anyone else heading down about that time wanting to share a cab down?
  10. Well that's up to you if you wanna get the chop, just a little to permanent and painful for me. Plus as for reliability only one test subject has ever impregnated anyone after recieving the shot and that was because the messed up when they gave him the shot. As soon as it's availabe I'll be stopping off in India on my to LOS and getting me a quick shot before paradise... Hey I can write the trip off as a medical procedure and get some of the cost back. A win-win for me !!!
  11. It's passed all it's trials and SHOULD be available for commercial use in india in the next year (18 months at the worst) or so though they are getting a bit of heat from certain groups (U.S. Drug companies, womens groups, etc) due to the cost and effectiveness. It puts reproductive choice completely into men's hands and just about every women's group hates it. The drug companies loathe it for the price issue, since it's non-hormonal and doesn't require more than one treatment (that's where the companies make their money) it's gonna kill their cash flow. Birth control drugs are a billion
  12. Well before you go for the snip (and all the likewise horror stories the boardies like to share) can I give you another option ? It's called RISUG (Reversible Inhibition of Sperm Under Guidance) it's a new procedure finishing up it's clinical trials right now (been in testing for a decade) that completely prevents any risk of impregnation without ANY kind of surgery. It's ONE shot that destroys every sperm that your body creates without having to have sharp blades and prying hands trying to break your balls. The best part is 1 shot lasts about 10 years, it's 100% reversible with a s
  13. Well I am planning on looking around, trying to decide if taking a year to sit in country teaching english or some such, and didn't want to spread my time to thin. I've been doing mostly short trips (10 days to 2 weeks) and enjoying myself but wanted to spend a little more time there before making the jump. 10 days to 10 months is a major deal and I just need to see if I could handle it when the novelty of unlimited "lady friends" has worn off.
  14. I have suddenly found myself with a surplus of free time on my hands and was considering spending the upcoming month in Thailand. I've made a couple of trips so far but haven't gotten past the Pattaya/Jomtien area. I've enjoyed myself more than I thought I ever could on my previous trips (and more than just the girls and drinking) and with the free time coming up would like to explore more. What I would like to ask the board members here is with a month to kill and maybe 2 grand or so to spend (maybe more depending on my final plans), where would you go and what would you do ? I k
  15. Well I have to ask, with the prices as low as they are why not just use one the tailors and have them make you what you want ? Every trip I pick a tailor walk in and order about $200.00 (US) worth of clothes and get more than enough to last me for a two week vacation (and then some) and never have to worry about finding something that fits. Hell it's one of the main reasons I come here. To tell the truth I come and drop about 10000 baht and have enough casual/semi-dressy clothes to keep my wardrobe stocked for nearly a year.
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