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  1. funny_beer_commerical__pt.mp4
  2. KOJO

    Game show

    Can you solve the puzzle ?
  3. I am not a big tat guy myself, only have a few, but when I saw these, the artwork, colors were impressive, from an artists viewpoint, however the 3rd one is a total FAIL !! HA! HA!HA!
  4. Ran this on the test site the other day, to check out file size limit. She is kickin her brothers ass !! HA! HA! HA! UFC_RUSSIA_MMSN_PT_TEST_SITE.mp4
  5. Can't tell if it's India or Pakistan in the background, but they DIDN'T blur the license plate, to save face, for the car ! HA! HA! HA! Man_Caught_Humping_Tail_pipe_M.mp4
  6. 8 more days, til the fat guy show's up. Here are some books I found with "interesting/funny " titles, you might want to consider for anybody who reads, this Christmas.
  7. I used to play golf at the little par 3 golf course across the street many years ago, and have had several good meals there, as I recall, and the plate's were full, when they brought them to your table, a good deal, and the staff was very friendly, helpfull !
  8. THANKX for ALL the time and effort you've put into the site ! Looks cool, will take a little getting used to, I'm old school, and not a big fan of change...... but
  9. If the school is good enough for 007 to get his license there, then this is where everyone should go !!! AND you can bet they are paying him a royalty fee, to use his likeness !! HA! HA! HA! Was on Pattaya Klang across from Foodland, saw it this morning.
  10. That's a Damn Fine lookin tree ya got there, mine has to be close to 7-8 yrs old, it folds up into 6" X 6" X 4' long box til the next year. Next year, I'm gonna buy some plastic popcorn !! HA! HA! HA!
  12. Tried my hand at makin sushi for dinner last night, came out OK, if I do say-so myself ! HA! HA! HA!
  13. She ain't big, but it's the symbol, that matters to me. I cooked a bowl of popcorn to string, went to the store, and came back to find the wife eating it, watchin a soap on t.v. !! Dammmmn ! HA! HA! HA!
  14. I have flown both China Eastern and China southern a few times over the last 2 years, Business class, and even in Business, you have to ask for ice for your beer , but with Business, you get a free pass to their club lounge's in the airports , there the same issue, NO COLD BEER, had to ice/water down my Heineken's !! WTF ?? The food is great though !!
  15. Have ya tried using Google maps,and see if you can find it from street view ?
  16. I think it looks cool !
  17. Saw this on a trip back to Obamaland to see my doctor's recently, it would be the perfect gift. Although the price is a bit much, BUT, as W.C. Fields used to say, there's a Sucker born every minute !! HA! HA! HA!
  18. When I saw his first post, "HELLO", my initial thought was So I didn't follow it, but after seeing this I went back and opened the thread and read the first 3 pages, and gave up, as it all sounds like B.S., and realized I was right, before it was locked, what a waste of my time !! BUT the good news is there are 12 flavor's of Spam to choose from !!!! HA! HA! HA!
  19. It's funny, but kinda sad to the girl who posted it, I think Ted own's a restaurant !! Venison is Delicious !! HA! HA! HA!,
  20. KOJO

    Brexit n Golf

    If Brexit does happen, will it have any impact on the next Ryder Cup Tournament ? I'm watching Tiger's tournament in the Bahamas right now, and ( yea, he is in last place at his tournament, it's all the caddy's fault ! HA! HA!), BUT will it have any effect on who can play, or will politic's muck it up ? I heard the EU won again this year ?
  21. AND 2018 !!!, I'm watching Tiger's tournament in the Bahamas right now, ( Yea, he is in last place at his own tournament, it's all the caddy's fault !! HA! HA! ) I just noticed this thread, and was wondering if the Brexit will affect the next Ryder Cup ? will it change the EU team ? or will it muck up the sport, with politic's ??
  22. I APOLOGIZE to Gary, nothing personal, but it had your name on it, and it IS funny.
  23. THANKX ! Next thing you know, I won't even be able to smoke in my own fucking house !! HA! HA! HA!
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