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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I recall someone else asking on here for information. We never get any feedback from these people. There was also a Thai one. Today I get an email from BKK Uni with another survey. I dont hope they added us to a mailing list.
  2. You did that condo very well and it was worth the price you offered. Only got to see it today. We ran into the same problem in Bangkok with a unit we bought. In the end to bring it to Western standards we spend almost the same value as the unit itself. I never thought that Thai standards could be such a hit and miss in the building industry. The wall in that picture on the balcony made me laugh. When we fitted aluminium rails to the unit we refitted we discovered that the walls were all skew. Redoing a unit in Thailand has its problems and you dont always make a profit on the resale becau
  3. The marriage visa they require you to actually show up with your wife and loads of photos from home and they take a photo of you with your wife as well at immigration on the computer. Not sure about the retirement visa but it sounds a bit odd.
  4. Old problem making the rounds again with the Thai embassies. Started in Asia in last year and spread to the EU. http://www.thai-consulate.net/royal-thai-consulate-in-hull.html http://www.thai-consulate.net/thai-marriage-visa.html NOTE : If you are applying at the local Thai embassy in your country they may now require you to show at least 100,000THB in a Thai bank account. The Thai Embassy in Malaysia now requires that for the 12 month (multiple entry) marriage visa you must now show 400,000THB and the Thai Embassy in Amsterdam now requires you to show a minimum of €2,000 equiva
  5. What happened to the Members section while I was gone. I can only see the Open section.
  6. Hi, The condo is located in Serene Place, Soi 24 in Bangkok. It's centrally located and is a few meters away from the Phrom Phong BTS station and Emporium shopping mall. Samitvej Hospital is less than 5 minutes away. The condo's well-maintained pool provides a relaxing space for the residents during their free time. Other amenities of the condo include a sauna and a gym. It's a 1 bedroom apartment at 49 SQM. Those who bought into the apartment block in 2007 are currently renting out the apartments for 45,000 Baht per month so it makes for an excellent investment at 9.5 million B
  7. aqua4

    Mobile Net

    I have used that before when I was outside of Bangkok with no Internet connection. I did however use the mobile phone connected to the laptop to surf. I got about the same download speeds as a 56k modem. Not bad considering where I was sitting though!
  8. http://www.thai-blogs.com/index.php/2008/0...n-part-1?blog=8 Please explain your background as a police officer. I’ve been a police officer for around 13 years and currently hold the rank of Sargeant Major. When I first entered the police force I only had a high school education (Grade 12). It wasn’t easy at all to become a policeman, I had to take the exam many times before I finally succeeded in passing. When I did manage to pass it, there were only 500 positions available compared to more than 10,000 who took the exam. So, in regards to educational qualifications, a high school
  9. I think this has come up before - the flooding issue.
  10. That would be an interesting post!
  11. A Thai work Permit would range from 14-16,000 Baht. The renewals would be cheaper as it is just an extension of the old one. Setting up a company would depend on what type of money we are talking about. Thai limited company, partnership or if you have more than 20 million baht to invest it comes with lots of advantages as a BVI can be setup. 1. Sunbelt Asia. http://www.sunbeltasia.com They have a good listing of franchises available for sale. Greg is a nice guy to deal with and he knows the Thai business scene when it comes to franchise development rather well. I think he would agr
  12. He is wrong and you are correct. Advice from one official varies to the next.
  13. 700,000 Baht. That is what a friend of mine paid for his pool in Bangkok about 4 years ago. Depends on the ground where it is being built too. He needed 2 meter steel pipes sunk every 100cm or something silly. Running costs are low as once his daughter grew tired of it he changed it into a fish pond.
  14. "Lately".....as in the last week. True has been terrible for the last week. Getting Yahoo to load is a pain! There appears to be problems with the bandwidth running to the US at the moment.
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