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  1. I can't remember ever being ask for my passport to change money here in Pattaya.
  2. A one hour prostate massage? Sounds like fun. How much for balls & prostate?
  3. Try your credit union if you have access to one. They seem to have a different set of rules than regular banks. Mine allows me to call an 800 number and arrainge a transfer or Western Union myself money from my account.
  4. The problem I have is with the "stupid money" prices they tend to ask for happy endings. It's usually as much or more than I would pay long time for a hostess or coyote dancer, many of whom give a decent massage as part of the service. I've found it's actually cheaper to go out and get a good massage then stop and get a short time lady from a beer bar and take her back to the room. Now a foot massage done well is an absolute delight. I will cheerfully pay for one done properly.
  5. I've used viagra and kamagra with equal results. Both work well for me.
  6. The credit union charges a flat rate of $14 USD per transfer. Not cheap but not unreasonable for something I will do once a month.
  7. The problem I am having is on my side. My bank will not do a wire transfer to a foreign bank unless I am physically present in the bank. I consulted with a local credit union and the lady suggested using WU to send myself money. The credit union will do this over the phone. I really would prefer to be able to do it using their web page but if this works then I suppose I can live with it. I haven't tested it yet. Opening a Thai account is on the agenda for the next trip. I know WU will transfer money to a foreign bank account but I've never tried it. Anybody have any experience with this? Or a
  8. There are at least a half dozen Filipino bands playing various bars on Walking Street. Try asking them where they go to eat and where they buy their supplies if they cook at home.
  9. I would advose taking either Viagra or Kamagra a minimum of 30 minutes ahead of action time. Both should be good for approximately 24 hours . I've taken it in the early afternoon for a short time and it is still working in the wee hours of the following morning. With Viagra I get a bit of a hot flash about thirty minutes after taking it. No so with Kamagra. Also, Kamagra is substantially less expensive. I'm not sure what Viagra goes for now days but a few years ago it was the equivilant of $15 USD per pill. I usually pay 400 baht for 5 gel packs of Kamagra. Others have posted here that I am wa
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