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  1. mine often will work one day then not the next clear the recent history cookies log ons etc etc it all comes back A ok
  2. That dish has always intrigued me so how do they choose which ball is sweet or sour ?and just how big do chicken balls get ? often see prawn balls advertised too, but Ive never caught a prawn boasting balls big enuff to cook
  3. okay our review of China Garden the place is easy to find a short walk from second road , the dining surroundings are ambient and comfortable, the Menu is massive and varied. Drinks prices for a Resturant of this nature are excellent and superb value. Our drinks were served icy cold they gave the beer bottles a full zip cooler and your glass was frosty chilled---- perfect. House Wine okay tasted like a cask wine but good value As we are still seeking a good chinese resturant this due to its reviews was a must visit. However the food as in taste was far from a good chinese, though we
  4. we asked a guy in Airport again last eve to hold his doity shite in the other hand , he has fag in left hand sexy girl on left side , fag pointed on right side in our faces , he looked at us bad , so we Looked badder, Then He goes Check Bin We goes whoopee! Girl not happy he go ,so we said to girl "you no like smoke" ? she says NO !
  5. We are going to try this resturant tonight and having read good and bad we will deliver our opinion , we love and enjoy traditional chinese food euro style canton flavours especially lets see how they do. if its good we will praise it, if its shite it will get its dues until then we remain openminded and looking forward to a good nosh up ps anyone tell me how long it takes to walk to from second road ???
  6. cant imagine why the concern ?_;l,? hopefully the repercussions may cause the baht to take a bit of dive
  7. 3 times now wee hours of the morning at soi diamond 2nd road, been just about to hop aboard private hire baht bus to go home jomtien , instead was re directed to Taxi waiting in front of baht bus same price but air conditioned soif your hot n sweaty with a girly in tow cant be bad luverly
  8. who was first here to offer good taxi Mr T----------------- or ----------------Mr Toom ? seems like theres still a lot of coffussion who is whom ???
  9. no just a smile and if we read the lips more like an oh oh thats what pissed us off we watched and called her and bought her a drink as it was well deserved action on her part though she wasnt overly concerned about the lack of a tip she just shrugged ,-------- we were gobsmacked
  10. if its you have you found it yet ? if you know him tell him he is a very lucky guy ?
  11. heres a another couple of wildlife poses that are causing an uproar courtesy pattaya one http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/art/art-news/9232512/Mythical-swan-photo-taken-down-after-bestiality-fears.html
  12. your browser generally are you doing the copy and paste from key board direct ? ctrl + c then ctrl +v
  13. To the Tall falang,wearing glasses, in the pinkish light check shirt exiting Airport last eve around 12.45 am hope youre reading this, I applaude that incredibly honest girl that ran after you, I watched as she passed you, your big fat wallet stuffed full of notes, and what appeared multiple credit cards, that you had left where you sat the least and right thing to do was to offer a decent reward for her honesty shame on you, such a tight arsed thoughtess git . in my opinion its a real pity you got it back.
  14. gotta say 3 consecutive visits and its just getting better every night , lots of fun to be had if youre outgoing enough to help kick it off girls are great can besuperbly interactive and allways smiley friendly bumped into the owner and he is 100 per cent out to please a real nice fella intent on keeping the place a fun and sexy place to be the shows are improving daily the place is always clean music is varied and good definately going back for more the atmosphere in here is building nicely keep it up guys
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