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  1. Sign me up if there is still room please.
  2. Flew them frequently a couple of years ago on the regional flight from Istanbul to Zagreb, Croatia. Good service and food was fine in business class, I don't know what it was like in economy. Don't know about longer flights either. Istanbul is a great city but a 5 hour layover is not enough time to do anything. The airport is a fair ways outside of town and I've had times when it took 1.5 hours to get downtown through all of the traffic. To really enjoy anything in the city you would need at least an overnight layover.
  3. I was especially late showing up as I never got to town from the airport until almost 1am and most of the revelers had long since departed by the time I arrived. These were the only 2 ne'er do wells left when I arrived. This of course left me no option except drinking until the wee hours of the morning (daylight or close to it).
  4. Another one missed! And only by a couple of days this time. But I know I'll be at the party on the 18th because I'm addicted to Naughty Nighties.
  5. Thanks Manfred. I look forward to stopping by when I get to town next week and meeting you and Paul.
  6. Anyone else arriving around the same time that would like to share a ride to Pattaya?
  7. Because they're only good for diving and whining.
  8. How did you get the photos Frank? Did you take her for a test hump before sending her to Thailand? You get what you pay for. BTW are you responsible for her murder? Did you put a contract out on her in a fit of jealous rage? ROTFLMFAO Sadly I believe Martin should close this thread now out of respect for the deceased. She really wasn't a bad sheep, just misguided and tormented. Sadly she will be missed. RIP Eva
  9. Lemons has some links on his website for Cambodia: http://ochheutealguesthouse.com/links.html You could also send him a PM and see if he knows of some forums or other sites.
  10. Ewe sound realy pissed! Wooln't ewe prefer a nice loving highland boy? I'm sure that ewe understand that ewe can no longer trust a creature that walks on 2 legs and has no wool? Ali has been fair to unfair to ewe and to top it off he talks constantly of ram(ming) it into a couple of LBs which must be doubly embarrassing to you, he is truly acting like a kid. I hope ewe are able to recover and carry on with a normal life in spite of the devastating blow this must be to ewe. My condolences.
  11. This is really a loaded question as many of us have a different opinion of what makes a good pizza. Myself, I prefer a nice Chicago style deep dish pizza with lots of thick tangy sauce, lots of meat and a thick crust. Outside of North America this is not the standard for a pizza and you are more likely to find a thin crust pizza with either little sauce or runny sauce and no actual substance to the pizza as it may be viewed as an appetizer or a snack rather than a meal by itself. Different people grew up with pizza different ways and have become accustomed to what they gre up with. S
  12. Looks like a good time Chris, I hope you get a better turnout for New Year's.
  13. You can still add photos linked to an outside storage site.
  14. Very nice Mark. Some very well lshot photos in the mix there, you're much more advanced than I am.
  15. Couldn't agree more Shuggy. Looking forward to stopping by in February Shane, hope you've still got some deals for us then. If not I'm stopping by anyway.
  16. Sounds like what they really need is an IT guy that knows what the hell he's doing.
  17. Funny you mention that because I ate one when I was tanked in Lamai last June. The girls though it was great and the next night they gave me another and said "you eat now." I had no idea what they were talking about until they explained it to me that I had eaten one the previous night. Even though I was sober I ate the second one as well.
  18. I find it odd that they would make it less user friendly when most places are doing the exact opposite. then again TiT.
  19. Looks like a great time Chris. I'll make an effort to stop by when I'm in town in February, there's still a couple of openings in my schedule, I think.
  20. Having travelled through Attaturk airport a dozen times or more in the last couple of years I can say that I have never had a complaint about the airport or the airport staff there. I found the airport easy to get around and find things in and overall airport staff have been friendly and helpful. Travelling with Turkish Airlines I have never had a problem but on every trip with them other than my maiden voyage I flew business class. I have also never flown anything longer than what would be considered a regional flight (Istanbul to Zagreb, Istanbul to Budapest, Istanbul to Sarajevo) so i
  21. That is your choice but you will never experience anything new if you only stick to what you know. Wise choice Hilly and I doubt you will be dissapointed. nice to see you posting here again. I agree the area is quieter and well worth the trip for those adventurous enough to stray off the beaten path. Good description of amenties available in the area and it is well worth the visit. I've stayed at Metro Apartments and enjoyed my stay very much. There is nothing you need that is not immediately available in the area.
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