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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Because it’s theoretically low season so best to do road work when there is less traffic is my guess. The bigger question is what are those new concrete structures in the lane being torn up and how will they handle traffic if those are permanently in place.
  2. https://elpais.com/elpais/2019/02/01/inenglish/1549014848_149720.html Never been to Spain but this article seems to indicate that the Spanish tourist industry is booming. Maybe the "different kind of holidaymaker" decision wasn't such a dumb move. As for the country being destroyed could you please elaborate...
  3. I’m in the same boat. Would be great to know your experience with this driving school since I’ve not been able to find an alternative.
  4. For sure! The Addicts site has been working on their "upgrade" for many months and it still has all kinds of problems. Good luck with the changes and hope it doesn't screw up this site since it is currently working just about perfectly for my needs at least.
  5. Had Thanksgiving there. Was surprisingly good. Nice pub, friendly staff, excellent food.
  6. Had a similar intention last year and found a company that offered that service. Second thoughts made me not pursue the wacky notion of learning to ride in this chaotic environment at my advanced age. Checked a few months ago and the website had vanished. Possibly not enough demand.
  7. That's what I had been told but a lady friend said not so IF you have an IDP. Got my license two weeks ago while on a tourist visa (METV) and showing my IDP. Having the IDP also allows you to skip the hour long video guide to Thai driving. Was out of there in less than two hours.
  8. Take the baht bus several times a week from Pattaya Tai & Second Road; always cops there ticketing. I mostly ride standing on the back and sometimes even wave to the cops---no ticket yet...going to be hard to enforce as long as the space is available. Only way to do it is have the drivers police it and make them responsible for paying the fine---seems not very likely!
  9. Always book EVA direct. Annoying that they don't offer seat selection until after you have paid and received confirmation. Other airlines I've used allow seat selection before completing the transaction. Since I need an aisle seat I have to call EVA before I book to make sure any are available. Still, in my experience a terrific airline.
  10. I pass through there several times a week and was wondering the same; upstairs is more cramped and hardly visible if you're on the ground floor so I would imagine that some of the customers just passing through would not even know the stalls were now on the second floor. Seems that would seriously cut into their casual business. But I do see people coming down the escalator food in hand---possibly people who work in the complex.
  11. Nice pix and narrative; think I'll pass on the experience for the time being.
  12. I was shocked yesterday to see all the food stalls gone. After looking around I saw a small sign on the escalator noting that the stalls had been moved upstairs. That space is much more cramped, hot, and uncomfortable; there was often a very nice breeze passing through the ground floor location that made eating there more attractive. What this is all about I have no clue; remodel, space for new business, city regulations run amok?? If anyone has a clue would love to know. Pattaya seems to be engaged in a battle not only with beach road ladies but also food vendors---making Pattaya safe for the Chinese... Tried So's twice---was good and will be making it a regular stop.
  13. Thanks, Evil. Been wondering about So's since I pass by fairly often. Have you tried any of the food stalls on the ground floor of The Avenue? A walk through there is always greeted with very tempting smells coming from the eateries.
  14. Have had Thai girls drag me to Kiss in the past. Usually, the fried fish can be OK (though even that sometimes fails) and most other dishes I have tried are mediocre at best. The Jomtien shop is no improvement yet often see Thais eating there. Best I can figure is that it is still relatively cheap though the portions are small.
  15. Having stayed there many times over the years it was apparent that the side bar and the space given over to tables in front was less than a great success; rarely did I see more than a few lonely souls hanging in either place. The renovation makes sense, hope it turns out well .
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