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  1. Residence Garden isn’t bothered how many girls you take although i have not tried more than 2.Dont as a rule ask for ID unless you specifically take a girl to the desk
  2. Birmingham to Manchester was always within Emirates free distance which was always 80 miles as the crow flies.The allowed free distance varies in different countries.I have flown business class Bhx to Bkk many times and have always found it excellent.You have to be careful nowadays when booking as there is a new no frills business class (no lounge and no chauffeur)
  3. On my Dubai flights my luggage is always collected from the very furthest last carousel
  4. Am i right in thinking that 10 would be closest to luggage collection?
  5. Can someone tell me where is pick up point 3 is at Suvarnabhumi,i know as you walk out from collecting your luggage there is a pick up point on your right then there is another one where i get my chauffeur pick up with Emirates but is there another one further on ?
  6. sea me spring hotel.If memory serves me right it used to have a sea view but building have now blocked that out.
  7. Frostfire as i cant seem to respond to your Ad banner i think the prices shown are for one night not multiple nights they are just pointing out that it could be more expensive for single nights.
  8. Teelack i quoted quite clearly the things you said that i said that I didn’t say.Your quote count shows that this forum is an important part of your life and i am sure that you have lots of useful information to impart.Maybe vociferous was to stronger word but you were certainly very supportive of what i consider to be over cautious and negative advice.I cannot be bothered to debate this any longer as i have a life to live.I am sure you will gain a few more green ticks because you are better known than me but that doesn’t make your opinions right.
  9. Teelack and Jacko you guys have been the most vociferous in urging maximum caution and you have both been drugged and robbed ?? You sure it wasn’t pissed and robbed ?either way i am certain it wasn’t a pleasant experience.Be interested to know how it happened its not easy to drug someone and time it so they are in a convenient place to be robbed,ie room.By the way do you go in Le Pub ?
  10. How could that happen ? Did you not listen to all the precautionary advice on here,mind you I didnt hear any advice on avoiding being drugged.!!! Note to op always go around with a pal and never eat or drink the same thing as your pal.
  11. Possibly been robbed of all his belongings and is shacked up with a ladyboy.
  12. Big Brian,Thank you for your gentle response i am sure your advice was well intentioned as was mine.It just so happens that we are at opposite ends of caution,you are maybe too cautious and i am maybe careless but both of us were trying to help a newbie.A little different to the aggressive response off some,thank you.
  13. Teelack,You are undoubtedly an articulate contributor to this forum and for sure have many admirers and followers.So i find it difficult to understand why you felt the need to write a lot of lies and innuendo about my previous contributions.If i am prepared and financially able to pay 4000 +1500 barfine for a beautiful girl to spend the night with me what has it got to do with you ? I suppose i could have said i paid no Barfine and gave the girl a 1000 and gained a few admirers.but i told the truth.When have i said they are “lazy and destructive” and where have i said that you all need to “ ba
  14. Teelack who mentioned slobishness ? I am entitled to my view about the very negative attitude adopted by some guys on here.I am well aware that many guys are not able to pay high prices.But they are able to dress decently and smell ok.And going into minute detail about what the girl will do i am sure leads to a negative experience.As does distrust and feeling that everyone is trying to rip them off.I always have a great time in Pattaya and i have merely told how i go about it.I certainly don’t leave wads of cash lying about but I don’t distrust everyone.I am a great believer that the vast majo
  15. Let’s just say I am a relaxed optimist and you other contributors to this thread are confirmed pessimists.Glass half full not half empty.I would add i think having a sexual experience with someone is a far to intimate and personal experience to me than a detailed negotiated programme of requirements.I would add that i have had hardly any poor experiences maybe because i spend some time with a girl before i ask to barfine her,and then have a drink with her in Secrets or Le Pub then go to eat, so before going to the hotel we are quite relaxed.Even at the hotel nothing is rushed.Further as i have
  16. Big Brian you have made 3 comments all of them in my opinion negative.I am sure you are of the opinion that they are going to be helpful.I on the other hand never use the safe in my room and don’t hide anything maybe i have been lucky but in 36 visits of 3 weeks i have never lost anything,i usually stay at the Residence Garden in Pattaya.I also never negotiate apart from asking “you ok smoke” i wont on principle pay more than1500 barfine i usually pay 3000 for long short time ie drinks eat,back to hotel maybe 4 hours in all.I give 4000 for long time but leave it up to them whether they stay or
  17. Whats wrong with the politically incorrect Darkie toothpaste ?
  18. It was reported he was Australian I couldn't tell from the bits of his voice that I could hear ?
  19. My understanding is that you get a short period of free access then you have to pay a dollar for further time,not sure how much time you get for your dollar
  20. Does it make you feel superior correcting someone's spelling errors ? Lots of us would have noticed the error but chose not to comment
  21. I have stayed at several hotels over the years I have been coming to Pattaya and apart from The Wave (over 5000 a night) Residence garden is by far the best,5 minutes and 40bht on a moto 10 minutes and 10 bht on a bus to Walking st
  22. Tell him to ensure the TVs is plugged in before he leaves !!!
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