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Renting a motorcycle - out of fashion?

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If I had to guess it is the level of traffic and perhaps perceived danger, if indeed renting bikes has diminished.

There still seem to be a lot of rental outfits out there, likely more than necessary.

When I first came here it was how I got around, to those quieter beaches a little further out where the baht buses didn't go in Naklua.

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Why it is out of fashion? I remember in past there were a lot of motorcycles (scooters) in front of every bar I used to stay and it was normal to go to bar with your motorcycle. Today I see only few are doing this. Maybe I remember wrong.

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I was afraid to rent bikes on my first trips due to reading forums and posts about Thai drivers and fallang deaths. I now rent every trip tho I do have 30 years of exp riding bikes. The Thais are wacko and the cops relentless tho.

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It was popular to rent a motorcycle in Pattaya in 10-15 years ago.

Today it seems to be out of fashion.

Is it only police activity or is drinking and driving not interesting anymore.



You think drinking and driving is interesting? Better you stick to baht buses

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