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New start as a dead end reached!


Rules Reminder.


The first post will be a MOVIE

The next person posts the name of an actor/actress in that movie

Then the next post is a different movie starring that actor/actress

Then repeat in that sequence.


DO not use the internet to find the answer. If a day (24 hours) goes by without an answer, then it's fair game to use the internet to find an answer.

Actor/actress must be credited & the movie should not be a direct to video or TV movie.

New Rule, please note!

If an actor has been named for a particular movie in the thread, that actor cannot be used again for that specific movie.

(This will avoid repeats and make it harder. Please use quote function so that answers include the original question to help this to be checked.)

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Sorry ... but can't be reading phoebe cates and not dig up a bikini shot ... growwwwl Now, back to our regular broadcast ... Fast Times at Ridgemont High

First for TV and then it was made as a feature film. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Requiem_for_a_Heavyweight  

easy for you to type

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Our Starter will be......


Fight Club

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Ralph Fiennes

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The English Patient

Willem Dafoe

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