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  1. He needed hip replacement surgery! Fergie was never surprised at winning. He bought RVP to win that season, as he declared, and he won. I bet you are sure of making a profit on property? He was more sure than most. Every decade or so, or even as long as a generation, , every profession/ discipline has a world beater. He won his last season, and lost the season before on goal difference, in the last few minutes. Multi quotes don't really work on here.
  2. He hasn't lost in about 18 or 19 games. having taken over from a side with no confidence, and an appalling injury list. And is doing a lot better than guys with over a decade to build a team! Parky - What you said about Jones . Great player imho. Dogged by injury though. So I'd get rid for that, but his defensive work has been top class. And I'd get rid of Walcott and Wiltshire from your also rans , for the same reason.
  3. Pogba was wanting to fuck the wage structure. You have heard of wage structures???? If he got what he was wanting, then the senior players would have to have got a raise. Apart from that, he was wanting silly money. Ok he has fluorished in the lame Italian league, but these was no evidence he would do it in the prem. What about Matic? I never hear you mention that piece of business, you biased ****
  4. Good pics. Are Thai markets any good? UK markets are a waste of time. I have been to Thai markets with TG's, but didn't ask prices, except in Bkk nightmarkets, where the prices were higher than dept stores back home.
  5. Haven't been following the thread as it 's usually mad Wacs anti Man U shit. But I read back anyway!!!! So. it was claimed De Gea has saved Man U, but no mention of the heroics of Spurs ( Loris? ) or Chesea's Courtois, who has saved them a lot of points. No mention of bad decisions either, They only get mentioned against Man U. We get the pro loser stuff in support of Moyes ( FAIL) and Clouseau the Pink Panther ( Wenger). How long has he had to build a team?
  6. I had to google it, as we don't eat schinitzel in the UK. I had a rough idea it was a shit mainland Euro concoction, not worth replicating elsewhere, but had to check after a New Yorker ordered it in Pattaya, with sphagetti! Sphagetti and schinitzel sounds weird to me. May I suggest that Thais are better at rice than sphagetti, and other pork recipes than schinitzel!
  7. After all those years. Cow. Re the later post about post 2008 downswing. Always appreciated your honest posts. Although many of us missed visits, we were always crunching numbers. I'm sure you will find success wherever you settle. A thread/ blog about the changes in the UK etc, would be welcome.
  8. Lol, after the decisions Arsenal have had this season. Champs league place looks iffy for you this season. I thought you were in, but your shit manager is blowing it. I'd back Koeman and Pochetino over him at this stage.
  9. Glasgow Rangers , the most successful club team in the world, were taken down by sectarianism, as they couldn't be beaten any other way. Moving on from that toxic subject, that even costs some Pattaya bars custom...... Excuses is what holds you back. Sure, you had a stadium to pay for, but I though that was sorted? Who cares what Spurs have done. Arsenal are going backwards. If not for Moyes, you wouldn't even be in the CL this year!
  10. Sorry. I shouldn't have asked about other bars in this thread. F*** knows what I was drinking! ( ok I do - hot toddies) You have great bar owner skills for not taking offence. Pics look good, and nice clear footie screen.
  11. Missed the pics first time. I knew that complex years ago. Prolly different now, but still too hot. I won't be sending anyone there. Sorry. Need a good Scottish bar in Patts to recommend?
  12. The Hammers have hit a bad patch of form. Man U - Are you being serious? They have so many players injured, it's a Van Gaal miracle they are in the top 3. WTF is the longest running manager, Wenger, doing with the team of his picking lol! He should be top three with a fifteen year old, top London team who bought Ozil and Sanchez and have Podolski! Underachievers of the season............yet again!
  13. I honestly don't know about the kids. If just millionaires kids, then it's iffy. I think it may be sponsors, with a couple of other kids thrown in ! It isn't tradition.
  14. I also like Flamini. I thought he was what they needed. The pundits put me off a bit though. imho , they need Debuchy and Flamini like, solid guys. Wellbeck!!! - What a life! With Man U from 9 years old! I think we were both fighting for survival at 9 and up! He " fails" at Man U, and is bought to "fail" at Arsenal for lottery money. I'm sure Podolsky would agree that Wellbeck is one of lifes lucky guys.
  15. Bold move Richard. I sincerely hope it works out for you and your family. If you stay old firm neutral, I can recommend it to friends, and other forums with many Thai visitors and expats.
  16. But Arsenal have so much quality in some positions, they will surely make it when West Ham and Southampton fall away as their bottle crashes at being in CL positions. Carragher and Neville showed up Flamini on MNF. I had liked Flamini. I thought he was solid, but their highlights showed the game passed him by.
  17. Didn't see it., but Arsenal got a scathing review on MNF. Carragher and Neville tore them apart!
  18. Probably the same amount as Petr Cech over the years! De Gea made some great saves recently, but it's just a media narrative now. The save against Sterling was more to do with Sterling's poor finishing. Same with the Ballotelli saves. Has he scored in the PL? Looking like the usual top 4.
  19. Sounds like a better deal than up Buakaow / Lengkee. Is it this place? http://www.agoda.com/en-gb/yensabai-condotel/reviews/pattaya-th.html?asq=agwuBw33X%2bfu%2bk5WmUKsoUq0W9AGs73Cr2p7LGuhKVimACCvwfKV625WXXvWFWG9h%2fvt4dcFawOnFufpCTXP%2bF0e%2bghcKpUDV1tKa58ymyJf6TVwMFbl2trvNxUHBG8d%2fwS9wj%2fI0E2ryh8jgCHskVfdtOi7b2wr%2bSfzJbMiF%2fJT%2fBNLb4fy5b6eO3jOZSYNFKpvJcslVu1I4h3lVNlwatU8A1f2vRHld04cyhBCz7R0fobVCnUJqxfYMeUqJNfggZxwF0f6DnDDroq5NYt9TQ%3d%3d#HotelReviewHeader How do you look that up on google street view ?
  20. Arsenal outclassed Newcastle. Looking good to clinch a champions league place now. Van Gaal is working wonders. Two defenders available, both been out for a month, and they keep a clean sheet. I think he has used 41 players this season. Still obviously miles away from the finished article, but the potential is there. Compare what he took over from Moyes, plus the injuries, v the underachieving Wenger, who had over a decade to build a team. Didn't know that Liverpool had interviewed Van Gaal before hiring the loser Rodgers! How could they make such a stupid call? Rodgers was non prove
  21. I googled that, and it came up.... Tycoon Place Big Gay Orgy Hotel And Crack Den Soi 9 Pattaya Tai https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tycoon-Place-Big-Gay-Orgy-Hotel-And-Crack-Den-Soi-9-Pattaya-Tai/200301176678532 I'm sure it's ok if you mentioned it.
  22. Thanks bud. That's like my own Mourinho type nickname " the obsessional one" Have you phoned the taxi yet? Why is he playing Wellbeck, and leaving Podolsky on the bench? Why is he not starting Oxelaide Chamberlain, when he improves them every time he comes on? Man U should put in a cheeky bid for him. I liked Debuchy before he was injured. He might improve them now he is back. Glad you are seeing the swings and roundabouts of referees decisions. They are not worth mentioning. Liverpool are in big trouble. Wasted summer spending who are being left on the bench. But why give t
  23. How should they treat someone who beat all the negative stats in Man U history, lost the dressing room, failed to qualify for the champions league for the first time ever, and knocked £50 million off the brand value? Did you notice the fly by banner behind a small plane, or the " Moyes out" twitter account that ran for months before they sacked him? Or noticed the success Abramovitch has had with his ruthless sacking policy? Man U should have ditched him by the christmas transfer window.
  24. That's it, thanks. I'd tried googling it, but didn't recognize any sites that came up.
  25. On here I think. Asian Handicap betting site. You mentioned the three letters, and I asked what it was, and you gave me the link. I hate these international breaks.
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