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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Is there anyone here that has a Thai Elite Card or knows someone who has? With current exchange rates it would cost approx. 30k USD... and while most of the benifits of the card I would not use on a regular basis, the 5 year renewable visa might just be worth it. (not to mention the expedited passport policies... kinda nice, that). Anyone have any other input on this? Frosty
  2. Well, I can tell ya the dancers dont have all that many secrets :) Frosty
  3. Heh. I hear ya. No, I did not inherit a large fortune... I am a business owner, and on top of that I am a technology expert with a leading mobile application developement firm. I don't want to get more specific than that, but between the profits from my consultation firm and the salary from my job, I will be able to budget a loose retirement very soon. I say loose because I am sure I will end up telecommuting weekly and making several trips back to the US every year... and my business here will continue to expand with our without me here leading it (I hope lol). Either way tho... I am ready for an extended stay, as it were. As things are now I cannot stay longer than 90 days in any 6 months... so I need some method of bypassing this. I dont know that I will live there forever... nobody can tell that... but I do want to have the ability to do so, if I so choose. So... Thats why I ask :) - Any push in the right direction appreciated! Frosty Another small note... I do not plan on not doing anything while I am there... I plan on working at least 20 hours a week on my consultation projects, which I can do so long as I have the computers there with me (will be fun trying to get them all in to the country tho lol). So its not like I will not have an income or be so restless I will get bored... More like I want to be on semi-retirement, just not in this dusty good-for-nothing city. Frosty
  4. Haya all, I have read a number of posts about retirement or type O visas.. and most do not mention the age requirement. The official website states that to get one you need, in addition to the other things, to be 50 years old or older. I am 33 years old, and within the next 2 years I will have my finances at the point where I will want to retire, and am seriously thinking of LOS. Is this even possible at my age? If so, what hurdles do I need to jump thru? Since I will need to have a 51/49 company set up to buy a condo anyway, can I use that same company to arrange a long term work visa? If so, what are the draw backs to that? Is there any other way? Any info appreciated! Frosty (14 days to wheels up!! WOOT)
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