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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. it will not... I have tried. Nor in America. Frosty
  2. Excellent! That is great news... 100 baht, then, is a great price. 1/3rd of most "after 2am" BFs. Hope that keeps up... am in town in 5 days, and dont get to pattaya until 2am.. am hoping to see a little action the first night. Frosty
  3. So... Just so I have the timeline right... It seems that all bars are being shut down at 2am now, because of the popo... so, we get a 100bt barfine after the bar is closed? Now.. dont get me wrong - I am one that doesnt mind the whole barfine concept - I know a bar has to make money, and I am far from a cheap charley... but charging a BF when the bar is closed... that to me is the same as charging a BF for a girl on her day off, if she chooses to stay with her guy that day. Unless I misunderstand the situation, this seems... wrong? Of course, if the bar(s) really are open after 2
  4. This story is created from the lyrics to a song... when I get home I will find and post it here... if I can remember. Frosty
  5. LOL Well said. I need me one a dem! Frosty
  6. Have used Toom about 6 times.. with never a problem, either to or from pattaya from the airport (and once from Soi Nana to Pattaya. The last 2 times they even had (after requesting it) a cold 6 pack of Singha waiting for me in the car. I highly recomend Mr Toom.. Frosty
  7. Comaghee! Wern't you there with us last year? Or am I thinking about one of the other trips... I do remember you being there at some point, and could swear it was Songkran for Soi6 crawl.... Frosty
  8. Hiya! You can safely do this with a few precautions. Now, I don’t know how much you know about basic online security, so I am going to tell you what you need to do, and if there is anything you don’t understand, just ask – I will reply (tho the reply will likely be on Monday – am just about to start a very busy weekend). First, if you currently have your passwords saved to your broker or bank websites, you need to delete all the cookies on your computer prior to coming and make sure you DO NOT save your passwords again until you get home. Typing your passwords every time is the only s
  9. I have, and it was very nice... and not too bad a price for what it was. The problem came when I brought 2 girls back from Nana... Was told I would have to pay a extra 1000baht each since I was bringing 2 back with me, and they were not all the friendly about it. Didnt have that experience with bringing just one back, but hay... YMMV. As far as the room went, it was great.. good service, in room internet, good food... Only the one problem. Frosty
  10. Yo Yo! I will be there already, but wanted to shout out - I was there last time you went - for Songkran. That was a great trip... Will never forget Soi 6 on Songkran (or Soi 7-8 for that matter). See ya 'round :) Frosty
  11. Looks like u all had a blast, like usual! 18 days to wheels up! Frosty
  12. Aye - 20 days to wheels up! Would like to come see ya in the new pad! btw, where is it? Walking street. Frosty
  13. 27 days to wheels up! (TUL, LAX, NRT, BKK) Frosty
  14. I stayed here for 3 nights of my last trip, and have only one complaint: My last night there I brought 2 girls back with me... and was told I would be charged 500bt each for them, since I was bringing more than one. I said ok... am not a penny pincher... but I did think that was pretty messed up. After all... since we all shower together, its not like we used extra water lol. Other than that... its a great hotel. Internet in the room... large beds... nice hot shower... nice staff with good english. 2 thumbs up, with that one exception :) Frosty
  15. I didnt know there was a hotel there... but I have eaten at Pig & Whistle many times, and I give it a huge 2 thumbs up. Some of the best food I have had just about anywhere... Frosty
  16. Torrenova: I am considering it actually, but I want to hear from someone who has one (or personally knows someone who does) before forking that kind of cash over. I like the idea... the perks would, at least to me, be worth the expense. (Its only 30k USD... a nice chunk, but not a fortune). But I just dont see something like this being... real? Frosty
  17. Just a simple one... Dont use it much, but I just added you... myspace.com/frostfiretulsa Frosty
  18. The one in purple is kinda cute... > Frosty
  19. Is there anyone here that has a Thai Elite Card or knows someone who has? With current exchange rates it would cost approx. 30k USD... and while most of the benifits of the card I would not use on a regular basis, the 5 year renewable visa might just be worth it. (not to mention the expedited passport policies... kinda nice, that). Anyone have any other input on this? Frosty
  20. Well, I can tell ya the dancers dont have all that many secrets :) Frosty
  21. Heh. I hear ya. No, I did not inherit a large fortune... I am a business owner, and on top of that I am a technology expert with a leading mobile application developement firm. I don't want to get more specific than that, but between the profits from my consultation firm and the salary from my job, I will be able to budget a loose retirement very soon. I say loose because I am sure I will end up telecommuting weekly and making several trips back to the US every year... and my business here will continue to expand with our without me here leading it (I hope lol). Either way tho...
  22. Haya all, I have read a number of posts about retirement or type O visas.. and most do not mention the age requirement. The official website states that to get one you need, in addition to the other things, to be 50 years old or older. I am 33 years old, and within the next 2 years I will have my finances at the point where I will want to retire, and am seriously thinking of LOS. Is this even possible at my age? If so, what hurdles do I need to jump thru? Since I will need to have a 51/49 company set up to buy a condo anyway, can I use that same company to arrange a long term work
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