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  1. I could think of several reasons. OP mentioned liquid that would be one. Cork screws From PHL umbrellas are restricted. Traveling with my carry on bag I exceed the limit before I put in the first pair of socks. Etc., Etc., Etc.
  2. Cheapest on the face value is not necessarily the cheapest when you consider all other expenses. A few years ago I was booking a one way while in Angeles and going to Pattaya. I did a comparison between three airlines and on the face Cebu was the cheapest by a good bit, but after the other services it came up near the same a Philippine Airlines. Add to that something that resembles real food, an extra free beer if you like, not picky about carryon, and 32" seat pitch vs. 29" on Cebu ... oh and add a cabin crew that respond to a call button after the first cabin service. While your travel route
  3. Just received a PM from Mark ... all is good. send him an email using this address: kessayamotorbikerentals@gmail.com
  4. Interesting !! I am hosting his website (Hallmark Motorbike Rentals), but have not seen him posting in his own business thread "elsewhere' for over a month now; last post in that thread June 25. Last post Anywhere (I can find) 1 July 2017. Sincerely hope all is OK
  5. I am sure that effort will be appreciated all around
  6. It may be worth noting that Kessaya Motorbike Rentals has changed name to Hallmark Motorbike Rentals. Nothing but the name has changes (a domain issue I think), but all the same. I have rented (I believe) an aggregate of nearly two years over five years. Great service and it seams that rates have not increased since the 2011 OP here ... more than 5 years. I highly recommend renting from Mark. Maybe admin should change the title of the thread to include Hallmark Maybe Kessaya (now Hallmark) or Hallmark (formally Kessaya)
  7. Had I seen it earlier, I would have replied earlier. It has merit in the thread to the extend you made your post, unless replied to your content is prohibited. How does it feel to present "yourself" behind a hidden identity?
  8. Do all forums that ban you (when identified) get a derogatory name by you.
  9. For 99% of non-corporate users I could not imagine why Open Office would not suffice. I still use Office 2003 because I paid for it and it does all that I need. I do, however, use VBA extensively and would question how well OO stacks up.
  10. Several years ago I put together a sales promotion for my distributors where a certain number of miles were awarded for the sales of each of some select products. At the end of the promotion we bought from Delta all the miles in a single purchase. The cost per mile was 1 cent and minimum purchase was 1,000,000 miles. I am sure that is the same kind of program that credit card companies, like Amex, use to be affiliated with a list of airlines.
  11. If that is the rate, I should consider selling the 1 million miles that I have.
  12. When I depart from BKK it is usually around 6AM For me it is great because I leave Pattaya at about 2AM and can will pound the heck out of my last BF before going to the airport. With no sleep before departure I am out cold on my way to Tokyo without chemicals. From Tokyo to US some chemicals and land in the morning ... all back to the right time zone (or almost).
  13. Agree, but I still prefer the noon to midnight jurney from the US. From Europe overnight is better
  14. Please help me with an overnight flight from Europe to USA. I've yet to find one
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