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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Just saw your post for the first time. Do you have Honda PCX 150 in your inventory of rentals? If so, how much for the monthly rate and what year are they? CB
  2. That was funny as hell. I even shared it on my FB page to see what kind of response it gets. CB
  3. Dr. Olivier is who I go to when I have the need. Just Google his name, his website gives the address and hours he is open. Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk
  4. Just looked at their menu and I must say it all looks really tasty and their prices are very reasonable. Hopefully they will soon be adding East Pattaya to their delivery area. I'd be more than happy to tip the delivery person to bring it to my house here on the dark side. CB
  5. Great information about the differences to help distinguish them between the two airlines. Thanks Evil. CB
  6. I'm just not going to say anything negative about that article, don't want my ass in a sling for what might be construed in the wrong way. CB
  7. One up mans ship at it's finest, did someone's little feelers get hurt? I just think it's funny as hell when grown men quibble about restaurant reviews and then it turns into such drivel. CB
  8. I think I'll mostly just hibernate in the house, get stocked up before it starts and maybe, just maybe go one day. I've done it once when Cherry Bar was still on Soi 8 and enjoyed it, but getting there on the bike was chaotic to say the least as they have no shame drenching you no matter where you are or who you are. CB
  9. This just came into my newsfeed on FB: http://www.hopper.com/deals/127981/breaking-fare-sale-from-united-has-flights-to-asia-for-as-low-as-430-round-trip Check it out and see if it will help anyone save money. CB
  10. While checking my stateside bank account this morning there were 2 unauthorized charges that I am now disputing. Therefore the bank wants to cancel my debit card and issue a new one. As of right now I told them no until I figure out what the quickest way to get a new card delivered to my address here in Thailand. I've been told FEDEX is one way, what else is there that will get me my new card in the fastest most efficient way? CB
  11. I went by there on my way to Beach Road last night. The fire was already contained and by then the bigger hazard was all the lookey loos (gawkers), which I estimated to be about 5000 and the 200 plus police and police volunteers trying to keep traffic flowing. What a mess, I'm surprised that there weren't any reports of serious traffic accidents in that area. CB
  12. Just wondering if you are still in business? You haven't posted much lately. CB
  13. Ok, if and when you do, please PM me. Thanks. CB Sent from my SM-N910C using Tapatalk
  14. I'm just wondering if you have any used bikes for sale. I'm living up country and really don't want to pay retail for a new one. However, if you have one that is in really good condition, I might be interested in coming to Pattaya to take a look at it and possibly buy it. Thanks, CB
  15. I am confused about the METV that goes into affect Nov 13. How does that affect a normal tourist visa that is obtained when going through passport control at the airport? Is it true that the tourist visa has been extended to 60 days on arrival for US citizens? Any clarification of my confusion would be greatly appreciated............Thanks in advance. CB
  16. I love to read, but even in retirement don't put enough time aside to do it as much as I like. Right now I am reading "Ride the Thunder: A Vietnam War Story of Honor and Triumph". It is an intriguing look into the war from a USMC perspective. It took me back to the year I spent in that war torn country and some pleasant and not so pleasant memories. CB
  17. Just finished my second cup of 3 in 1 coffee. Getting ready to shower and go to my favorite cafe and have breakfast, then grocery shopping. I've been looking for a job (UGH) to supplement my coffers for my moving to Thailand this fall. If something doesn't pop up soon, I'm going to pack it in, sell everything and make the move. Tired of cold weather, rain and yes even some snow now and then. The weather is getting better, so might get out to do some fishing. Just keep thinking about living in Thailand full time and the great time I had during the 5 weeks I was there in Feb/Mar. I'm very tired of the bullshit here in the good old USA. Every day is getting me closer to "Living the Dream"!!!!! CB
  18. On my trip to LOS back in mid February, I flew Delta and used the last of my FF miles, consequently I'll be looking for one of the better non USA carriers when I return to retire there this fall. In all actuality Delta was quite good in taking care in the food and drink regimen during all the legs of my flight. However, I always sit in an aisle seat and am always getting my arm/elbow bumped when the stewies go up and down the aisles. Makes it hard to sleep, watch a movie or read. Most of them are old(er) and they can be quite grumpy especially on the last leg to BKK or on the return trip to the west coast USA. I'll really do some extensive searches before I make my next flight to LOS. CB
  19. When getting to the airport and getting a new SIM card, I suspect it will be registered at that time. What is the best carrier to get for Data service and using it for getting on my computer out in the boonies? CB
  20. That's the one I have on my phone and hopefully someday I will get to LOS to give it a try.............LOL CB
  21. You know there global*******************************************, you are nothing but a troll. Are you following MM around the forum and posting something derogatory after all his posts. That's what it looks like to me. Just keep it up and MM will be banning you as he has other inane idiots that have done the same as you are doing right now. I see you've been a member here for less than a month and have managed to make yourself less than popular and you should proof read your posts before posting them. "End of as far as I am concerned.............." just what the hell sense does this statement make?????????????? You're nothing but a trolling numb nut, get over yourself and move on. CB
  22. Thanks everyone, MM hit the nail on the head, so it's a good day, I Iearned something new, hallelujah! Back on track! CB
  23. Ok, I haven't been on here for quite some time, at least a week (my choice to see what would happen) and that is a while for me as I used to come on every day for my daily fix of all things Pattaya. It seems that no matter what I have as my default "By Time Period" that I have checked, I get only one topic to read and that is "Movie Quiz Part 8", a topic I have absolutely have no interest in. My bitch or complaint is why? I guess I'll just have to re-register under a different handle so I can see what I want to as for some reason I'm not able to figure out why it isn't working as it was about a month or so ago. Any help would be appreciated. CB
  24. Different strokes for different folks. CB
  25. I love it, especially if it pisses off Papillon! CB
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