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  1. Ran out of red points already, when can I give Pastry some more?
  2. I did see a driving school somewhere, the Dolphin roundabout springs to mind but I could be wrong about that. Google?
  3. It was an excellent design, wish I could find a pic on Google.
  4. I used to have an "air grill". It was about the same size as a decent circular barbecue. Really simple concept, just circulated hot air around which grilled whatever you put in it. Really quick and any fat dripped into a tray at the bottom.
  5. I wasn`t complaining about paying for a refill. Don`t get your knickers in a twist, it`s only a giraffe.
  6. Common problem for Seppos, thinking the whole world runs the way they want.
  7. If it`s quiz night you want , look for Lee Shamrock around Washington Sq.
  8. They have good live bands as well, you might enjoy that...
  9. It`s a good point, but only if the bars are shite where you live. Move to a better area.
  10. I love them, The Londoner on the corner of 33 my favourite. What do you think of them?
  11. Thats what I thought, that girl knows what she`s doing!
  12. That`s what she tells me, but it`s Nescafe FFS!
  13. My girl keeps coffee, sugar, powdered milk, make up and Tomato Ketchup sachets from pizzas she ate 9 months ago. Is she mad or is this normal for Thai women?
  14. I`d be more inclined to take this seriously if the original article wasn`t in The Daily Mail.
  15. Forgive me if this has been done already, but I haven`t been keeping up with the board much lately. One of my F/B mates has posted that the bars will be closed over the next four week-ends for the elections, surely he is mistaken right? My girlfriend assures me that there will be early polling for people who have applied to vote early for whatever reason, the main general election on July 3 and that will be it, one week-end, done and dusted? Ooops, posted in wrong section, sorry MM!
  16. No, I think you will find the OP is quite right in saying New Years Eve 2011, and most people will agree with him.
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