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  1. Hi, Has anyone had any experience with acupuncture in Pattaya? I have been having some irritating neck, shoulder and upper arm pain. I had some success in the US with a couple of treatments before I left and I would like to have a couple more. It seemed to be making progress in at least alleviating the pain and perhaps the underlying issue. Any idea where it might be offered here in Pattaya? Thanks, Allen
  2. Yorta2, Thank you so much - I'll check it out! Allen
  3. Thanks Yorta2, Did look but there wasn't all that much about teeth whitening - just the more serious dental work. Thought someone here may have had experience with a procedure that went well or a place to avoid. Allen Blue
  4. Hi, Just a quick question, has anyone had the experience or can recommend a place to have teeth whitening done in and around Pattaya? Or for that matter, a place to avoid. Thinking of having it done. Thanks! AllenBlue
  5. What I have done with them - is give them the information over the phone - and get their name - usually get the same person... allenblue
  6. I have never taken either Viagra or Cialis - I have herard that is a preferable to sometime take just half a Viagra (maybe especially the first time) Can one or should one do the same with Cialis? Thanks AllenBlue
  7. Absolutely GREAT post Pete. I'm a bit of a techie - work on Windows and some unix servers all day - but at home I love my new Apple MacBook Pro laptop. I'll have to check out some of those sites - see if I can get to work some of that magic using my Mac (though I'm running Windows XP via a program called Parallels - since the mac runs an intel processor - suppose I could go that way too). Really thanks - I enjoyed it - as I was reading along I kept hoping you would go into detail - and you did - though I could take a little more. AllenBlue
  8. Thank you bad rumor - I have stayed many times - and really like the location and pool...I will be there the first twoo weeks of October! AllenBlue
  9. Gazman100 or anyone there now or recently...I heard the Areca demolished their pool to do some construction...Is that true? If so, which pool? I really need the pool to swim in everyday... Thanks AllenBlue
  10. Thanks for the review - can you post a picture of the pool? Is it really big enough to swim in? I do serious lap swimming for exercise everyday/ Thanks, AllenBlue
  11. I think the in room safes are only in the new wing (in the back). that's where you stayed - right Woody? AllenBlue
  12. The pool is finished - I just returned from a few days there. It's nice...but a little small for really swimming (laps - besides it is rounded). Supposedly, the jacussi it to be finished in September. AllenBlue
  13. This sounds good...did the hotel have a pool - one you could actually swim in? Really need to swim off the excess of the night! Thanks, AllenBlue
  14. Yes I am...on the "dreaded" Macintosh - nice Mac though...a titainum G4 PowerBook laptop. My home machine...Use and manage Windows Servers all day at work... by the way, can I get into the member area of this new message board? Promise to be a good boy...sorry I'm not such prolific poster..but I am a great supporter...also addicted...not many days go by that I don't log in... Once again, thanks for the site...and nice bar (I've been in...just not in a while...kind of a "lurker" in person too...but I'll be back..not until summer 2002) AllenBlue
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