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  1. I've flown Finnair many times from Manchester. The 10.25am flight out links you up with an A350 after a couple of hours in the airport. The evening flight gets you an older aircraft into Bangkok. The early morning return is a rushed connection in Helsinki. The late night return is on the older plane and gets in at 5.30 am and the airport is quiet. Service is good but they are "experimenting" charging for beer in economy. The films are not as extensive as the Middle East Airines. I have also flown Cathay Pacific who are good. My preferred Airline is Qatar but you really have to hope
  2. I had an offer from Emirates to upgrade at discounted rate a couple of days before my flight BKK to Dubai. This is the only time it has ever happened to me. I twigged that cattle class was overbooked and space to spare in Business. I gave the deal the elbow and sure enough I got a complimentary upgrade on check in. I think I was a silver FF Card Holder at the time. I now check the website prior to the flights to see how many seats are pre-booked and if I can buy a ticket for the same flight. 2 weeks ago I could not buy a ticket and bingo 2 more upgrades. I also do not check in on line so t
  3. Hi Callum Could you put me in for Rideher Cup, Misty's Open and Baby Dolls. Not sure about the 3 day trip yet. Handicap 28, Yorkshireman (prepared to help out Europe!) Thai size XL. Can I also enter Mr Gary Hcp 14? Lancastrian Thai size XL for the above (Pattaya resident). Jim (AKA Jaime the Limey)
  4. Try looking on Thai airlines, NokAir, AirAsia websites. Jaime
  5. When I'm in Thighland I fall in lust at least evey fifteen minutes. Actually I'm a sick man and the only cure is to hold a flight ticket to Thailand. I've held at least 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jaime
  6. Just booked to cure the post Pattaya Blues. Have just returned having paid £480 with Emirates in low season. I booked by phone with Qatar in Manchester. Fly 9pm Thursday. Jaime
  7. I've had a couple of hotel stays c/o an airline. My flight was cancelled from Manila to Amsterdam because of a typhoon. As a KLM Royal wing FF member I was knocking back KLM gin in the Business Class Lounge and despite the economy ticket I was booked into the 5* Nikko Dusit with others in the lounge. We all got meal vouchers but no free booze. I was re routed with Cathay Pacific the next day via Hong Kong. After I lobbed the toys out of the pram a couple of times the flights were Business Class. My other was during the SARs problem. Singapore Airlines cut flights and left me with a 6 hour la
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