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  1. its almost 3 years and now planning a trip to pattaya next month, i have the Cc discount card is it still valid? and is it at the same place in bukhao?
  2. any one knows what thanya club is all about? just seen its fb page . looks like a band performing club with mostly thais in it correct me if wrong..
  3. hey mates any info on some clean ST rooms in the heart of pattaya or bukhao? location and rates if possible am avoiding bringing ladies to the room as had a few bad experiences 2 trips of most coming and waiting down for me and forcefully bar fining themselves to be with me . even though i tell every girl im a BUTTERFLY ps- dont wnat the windmill raid indecent rooms
  4. yes mate its very cruel and sad to see these majestic beasts of nature going thru so much trauma and torture just another side of thailand
  5. hmm shooting range never tried was going to to it in koh larn on my initial trips but dint. art of the museum is a big yes ,
  6. after seeing them torture the tigers,elephants and crocs in sriracha noong nooch , i have sweared to myself not to put my money to watch the cruelty happening . SAD VERY SAD
  7. yes mate thankfully im fit enough to do things well ramayana park is a great place if u want to do slides, lazy river, spend the whole day doing stuff we used to do when small . brings out the kid in you (thats if u want to do something else in pattaya rather than mongering) for me thailand is a vacation from my stressed life . as im not a very hardcore drinker(leave my beers in most of the bars)., im fresh enough to get up in the morning and explore . but trust me do ramayana park for a day u will enjoy it. this trip i have CARTOON NETWORK water park in mind
  8. bangkok -done dusit zoo-, water world in siam mall, all malls like zen central platinum,terminal 21,patnip mbk, bobe market, markets pratunam, rod fa ratchda night market , palladium night market ,sukhumvit rd market.siam night market siam entertainment park, dream world, safari and marine park , ice shakting at ekmami st was going to do dinosaur park but it just caught fire a day before i could reach , so gave it a miss
  9. gym is my life i have gone gymming at California wow(now closed at avenue),tonys bukhao(that too closed) tonys on the intersection, tonys world and tonys which is above one 7-11 near the new food market in bukhao. i have also gone to universal gym on sukhumvit rd :) i have taken some classes in muay thai at twin tigers near the big toonys world gym. i wanted to do golden glory buy dint get the trainer i wanted.(WAN). to take me more far i have done erawan waterfalls kanchanaburi and now recently khao yai national p;ark and i did finish up/down all the water falls , which were d
  10. thanks mate i really needed the sim info have always tried dtac my basic needs are for the forums, fb,line and facetime. so lets see which card suits me oh yes i have done buffets at ninja and the fish also have done foot and straight body massages in various shops (no happy endings) kept my energy for the nights i will be doing the new mall on soi 2 and also will be visiting art of museum. was considering to visit le poste or telephone bar or some sort of bar like that just to see whats in.
  11. hey guys, i will be in pattaya in 9 days 1- i was wondering what to do in the day rather than mongering. i will put down a list of good place and things i have done in the past , if i have missed anything please advise.. 2-last trip i had a problem getting the 49B sim all 7-11 and airport shops told me i need to only take a tourist sim costing 299B (i think) of DTAC. i dont need an international sim etc i just need a local sim to contact the girls and have internet , thats it. please advise. thank you now my list of things i did. 1-koh larn 2-movie halls 3-ramayana water park
  12. how much didi printing a t shirt cost? i was planning a few
  13. a big thank you for ur effort was going to visit this place on my next trip
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