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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. good location but pricey as mentioned,ok for short term holiday I suppose
  2. glad it is back,i personally would rather have a calsberg than a heinecken
  3. good location,good prices ,but the breakfast was way to greasy,the toast was soacked in grease also,if not for that great value
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      Isn't that what wembley needed after the sweaty socks won there?

  5. i would have liked to try it out,but with todays exchange rate i have to stick with coops bar on 2nd road for 300baht,sorry my budget dictates my spending limits nowadys,thanks to BB and QE2
  6. good one,i needed a good laugh today,had a bad day
  7. thanks mate,allways good to know of new good places to eat that are reasonably priced,will give it a try next time in town
  8. if i am not mistaken,the 50 baht special is till 10 am
  9. i personally would be interested in getting the slice 64 done just to ease my mind since i have high colesterol,so any info would be apreciated
  10. looking forward to more updates till i make it there mid november,good luck keep up the good work
  11. i havent,but please keep us informed ,like amnities and asfar as location on pattaya klang,hanks
  12. loatdflash,very nice place,pleae keep us updated on how thins r going
  13. glad to here things worked out for u,speedy recovery and thanks for the post
  14. want to thank everyone for there help,i ended up at center condo,got 1bdr for 11k+,just u'r basic fridge,tv,microwave,i plan on looking around the soi honey for my next trip in may,hope to see everyone on the next bar crowl
  15. pete d u have mothly rents ,or website
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