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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I talked to Pete this week and fans of the beer garden can be reassured that it isn’t closing permanently whatsoever , just waiting for things to pick up.
    Thanks Phil. Little bits of good news are keeping people like myself alive and well. What's happening on the ground is always appreciated but it's a bit sad that Pete isn't keeping us updated himself. I am sure he has the time! Many of us have been going there since day one.

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  2. ...couple of my travel buddies have booked for late October.   For myself, that is too far out and uncertainty is abound.  i will wait till the early fall and then adjust accordingly 
    My take on this is that I would rather hold off and possibly pay a premium on my fare than have to worry about cancellations, re-booking, getting refunds or credit notes. Some of the horror stories on this site have made me cautious about air lines and travel agents ability to act in the best interests of the customer.

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  3. Fairly sure there have been FCO advisory notices about travelling to the South of Thailand for a number of years. There were similar warnings about Bangkok during the red shirt protests about 10 years ago. However, I think they have always fallen short of the level of warning that would have invalidated travel insurance.
    Stand to be corrected but as I see it your own country who decides who is safe to visit and this in turn sets the insurance warnings and conditions. In other words, no matter what the Thai government says, your own country could scupper the insurance cover.

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  4. Off on a tangent but it gave me some hope. I should have my shots by May /June. No rush really as there are no flights out. It was however announced over the weekend that the Australian government were planning to open air travel to Singapore. For both Australians and Kiwis this could be the gateway to Thailand even if in my case I would have 2 flight changes. This all gives me hope that late 2021 might just be on the cards.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Brown1950 said:

    I think BA commencing flights LHR-BKK  in November gives the biggest hint for when Thailand borders will open up to tourism.

    I am pleased that you have that much faith in the knowledge at BA. Reading some of the comments here about the organisation has lead me to believe that they are not even sure where the front of the plane is!  Having said that, as someone has already pointed out today, they are open for tourism right now. 

  6. I appreciate your caution.  BUT - it could be a decade or more (may always be around) for Covid 19 to drop down to common flu like symptoms.  Are you going to wait that long?  People die from the common flu every year.  Especially the elderly.
    Quality vaccines like Pfizer reduce chances of infection 95%.  Those 5% unfortunate enough to get infected will not suffer serious illness or hospitalization.  Chances of dying are virtually zero.*  There is strong evidence that if infected and asymptomatic there is little chance of infecting others if vaccinated.
    *They believe Pfizer will limit the degree of sickness against the variants too!
    I think that I am being practical rather than cautious. I am certainly not looking for a guarantee of zero infection. I am prepared to take risks to get my life back on track.

    I am simply saying this. We will all know that things are under control when we don't have to do two weeks quarantine coming and going. That to me is common sense for the vast majority of us. It is also a big financial hit.

    I want travel more than most because at my age I am running out of time. As far as I am concerned the millions of words about borders opening boil down to just two words. Open Borders. Anything else is just wishful thinking and is causing people to plan and anticipate travel when there is little data to show that there is a universal chance of an early opening of borders.

    I don't want it to be this way, but it is. I have no problem knowing when I will be back in Thailand. Its when both governments tell me that 2 weeks minimum quarantine is finished with.

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  7. The only thing I can add is that I don't believe in crystal balls.

    Who knows what the situation will be in a few months time? Will there be new variants? Will anyone want to let you into their country? Will the vaccines keep working? Will there be insurance available for travelling? Will everyone everywhere drop managed quarantine on arrival?

    The point I make is that despite some of the most comprehensive quarantine and isolation rules in the world my country is constantly getting reinfected. No one seems to know how they get into the community, but it's a fact of life that they do.

    No one wishes for overseas travel more than me but I am keeping 100 % grounded until I can truly believe that it's all under control.

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  8. Thanks for getting my day off to a start. Not much of a start but I was alive enough to read it.

    Sad about Far East. It was a good afternoon spot for a beer and an ogle and managed to keep more girls going than all the other afternoon clubs in the area combined.

    Crowd funding seems to have come a long way since it was people who had a medical condition and wanted to go to Mexico for a cure. Maybe the moral is that Pattaya is something that people need in order to survive!

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  9. 1 hour ago, Rawhide2 said:

    Just not my experience with agents. Notwithstanding that invariably they're cheaper.

    I told my experience of getting offloaded in 2015 here on PT before on Oman when I went to check in 24 hours before wheels up and pop up box came up please call this Bangkok number when inputting booking reference.

    As it was an early morning flight the next day I waited an hour before a travel agent opened near Arcadia Mansion and got them to ring the number instead, In short Oman had received an activation of a group of 43 people who were on open full fare tickets. In short Oman offloaded 43 single travellers. They offered me (via this local travel agent)  Sri Lanka but no talk of compo.

    I told them I would call them back later. I rang Travel Trolley back in London later that day about 4pm Thai time so 9am back in London. Told them the story and told them to put a rocket up Omans arse and call me back on my Thai number.....65 minutes later they did exactly that all reinstated sir and apologies for the inconvenience

    The other time with TT I had to (or wanted to cant remember which)  to change the outbound date on a non refundable/changeable ticket. Often you can change inbound for a fee but rarely outbound.

    Guy at TT said thats one non changeable (which I knew) but he said leave it with me. Rang me back the next day and said they could change it for £180 plus £24 fare difference. On the basis I had written the complete ticket off it was a right result

    I like TT....

    I dont think that you quite understand what I wrote. I was actually agreeing with you that a good travel agent is indeed worth having whereas doing it all on your own puts you personally in the position as an untrained and unconnected travel agent. 

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