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  1. Thanks for the effort Monkey Man.

    Just one comment on an assumption that you make. This is about the future ownership of Pattaya hotels. You may well be right but in my own quiet neck of the woods it seems that the Indians are going boots and all into the accommodation industry. They currently dominate the corner stores and the liquor industries.

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  2. Ben messaged me the other day. I would be OK with that, not sure about the others. Everyone has moved on.
    I agree that too much time has passed to get worked up over Ben. On a personal basis I was rarely in Secrets but never had an issue with him. As far as the past goes I hope that no one spoils the thread by re-litigating the rights and wrongs. This is too good a topic to spoil.

    Great interview with Larry and yes, some lose weight but he seems to be in getting younger!

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  3. Well seeing as this subject has kicked off my favourite horror is the transliterated hundred, "rawy". It starts out sounding as Roy but then the Issan folk change it again to Loy! For a Westerner it looks impossible. It does however draw attention to the first few pages in any Thai /English dictionary regarding letter sounds.

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  4. I think you are missing something here. The spelling is not different, the *transliteration* is different. It's spelled บัวขาว. Transliterated by Google as Buakaw, (note that Google doesn't really do transliteration, they just do letter substitutions), and transliterated on the sign as Buakhaow. It's translated as "white lotus", so sometimes you might even see that as the English name of the street.

    A lot of times it is the foreigners who transliterate incorrectly simply because they hear it incorrectly. There used to be a girl at FLB named Bill. It wasn't until many years later that I discovered that Bill wasn't her name at all. It was just the person who put it in their computer heard it as Bill. Her name is more corrected spelled as Biew, or even Beau (but that would sound like Bow). Her name is short for Beauty. 

    It does not help that Thailand doesn't seem to have an official transliteration system. I've seen official signs have different transliterations for Jomtien, for example. Jomtien vs Chomtien.

    In any case, when in doubt, refer to the Thai spelling. Thai language is mostly phonetic, unlike English. Sometimes, even this doesn't work. If you just pronounce พัทยา (Pattaya) phonetically, you would get Pat-ya. The same is true for สัตหีบ (Sattahip). Phonetically, it would just be Sat-hip.
    I you are also missing something. I appreciate your point about transliteration but it is a fact that it is spelling in many different ways. Buakhao, Buakhaw etc are different spellings of the same transliteration.

    I sometimes think that names have been anglicised by us tourists. Examples of this is Soi Boncott. The signs actually say Bonkoch. Now I would call this Boncock but Americans pronounce the surname Koch as Coke so it could end up with a variety of sounds and I doubt anyone cares. My original comment about Pattaya was someone saying he "Shuddered" at the way it was mispronounced. With Thai /English it's just a fact of life. The reality is that very very few falang write Thai.

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  5. It surprised me that you still call them friends after you have rubbished them for liking some sun, not worrying about aircon and drinking during the day while on holiday! Of course they only have 2 weeks so I suppose it's understandable.

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  6. I think that you need to be careful when you criticise anyones rendition of Thai words into English. Just last night I was watching Youtube and its was about the desolation that has become central Pattaya. Within five minutes of the start of the video the commentator from Thaiger had pronounced Pattaya four different ways. 

    As I have pointed out in the past, here is an interesting test. Start at one end of Soi Buakhao and walk to the far end photographing all the variations of spelling and word spacing of Buakhao. You will be well into double figures before you get to the far end. 


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  7. You would be wrong about that.  But not in the day time with the sun beating on you.  I never understood sitting out in the hot sweaty sun drinking beer.  Spent most of my afternoons relaxing indoors after golf waiting for the sun to go down.  But I  get it if a tourist isn't wasting any Pattaya time.
    Sorry but as I am a holiday maker and I rarely drink during the day it is you who are completely wrong.. Beer bars have a place and if you consider that only sweaty 2 week holiday makers visit them (this was the point you made) then you are quite wrong. Also, sitting in the sun is something that a lot of people come to Thailand for.

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  8. Not my cuppa.  No aircon and uncomfortable seats.  But I can see why someone on a 2 week holiday might find it appealing.
    Well seems like you would never have been to the Cherry Bar in any of its 3 locations or the Best Bar or indeed any of the other circa thousand bars in Pattaya that don't have any aircon. You have missed some treats. Incidentally, many expats are happy to drink in that sort of bar.

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  9. I was always baffled by WHY that bar was so successful.  But you are right,  It would be packed at 5 in the afternoon and many of them had been there for a while.  Very successful bar.
    It was a lot of bars and as I understand it, a few of the girls who worked there could take off early to look after their children or take a late job as well. The other things were the sunsets and the 60 baht SML. I also learned that while my TGF did not go for beer bars she was comfortable there. Add this to the live band and pool tables, it had something for everyone.

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  10. Soi’s 7 & 8 were dead before the pandemic.  The market was large enough to support 3 red light areas and Soi’s 7/8 declined as Soi LK Metro expanded. The location is good and the area will surely be developed commercially when things rebound.
    I would have agreed however in the last couple of years I have been happy to go to the big bar complex at the Beach Road end of Soi 8. Only guessing but at times there were more people drinking here than had been in Soi 8 for the last ten years.

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  11. Hi there Phil. Just had a sail across the bay with you and your girls to the three islands, 

    It looked like a great day out and one that I would have enjoyed. I have never been in the right place at the right time to go on a motor boat trip so I also envy you that. 

    The one thing that did come to mind was the last time I went to Koh Lahn. Really this wasnt a fun day out. Beside havig to get out of bed at a respectable time, the ferry was ok on the way out but full of drunken Ivans on the way back. There was a very poor vibe to the trip. As for the time there, it was OK if the lady of the day wasnt eating all the time and the crowds were not fun. While it may have been too peaceful on your visit I was also envious of the restfull time that you had to enjoy the day. 

    Keep them coming. 

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  12. Well considering i live here married to a Thai national i've got a massive problem with it, they can shove it where the sun don't shine and i refuse to pay it where it is enforced, some places have a very sensible attitude after wifey has a chat with them. Its not about the money for me, its the principle.......
    Onwards and upwards, things can only get better lol
    Your attitude is spot on. Thai officials won't know that you are to all intents a Thai resident. Let the lady do the negotiations. I have found that shutting up sometimes is the way to handle things. My experience with a traffic cop and MM's experience with DUI come to mind. If you have an advantage, use it.

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  13. Phil! Well done for getting this video out into the world. Having said that, the streets in Pattaya on a Monday night recall those dark days of closedown due to public holidays. At least then we were expecting the bars and clubs to reopen at midnight.

    I recall all the places that you have worked at other than Club Blue (and yet I recall the original Beavers). 

    I thought that I would focus in on one area that holds a special place in my affections and this is Covent Garden. It was here that the X Zone , Club Boesche and others existed. Strangely enough I was never a Boesche fan but that of course was because I was upstairs enjoying myself too much. X Zone for me as a country boy come to town, was the ultimate. It was everything that Pattaya should be and that the world out there wasn’t.

    I enjoyed not just the girls but also the level of management that is an absolute must for a club to work well. I had a lady move in with me from the club and up until about a year ago I was still seeing her. She was a naïve gogo girl from Issan until she worked there and realised how much money could be made with a mobile phone ringing in her pussy or firing darts at balloons. There was also a wonderful toilet lady who pointed Percy at the porcelain when you were too tired. The other thing that I have noticed is that right up to the last trip I would still meet ladies who would say something like "I remember you from the X Zone".

    As a side issue I wonder if anyone on this board ever got into the Iran Club which had an entrance half way up the stairs. This was an Arab club but there used to be the odd tasty lady going there but I never got in the doors.

    One thing that we should not forget is that the building kept on reinventing itself. When one place closed down another opened. The successor of Boesche wasn’t all bad and the place at ground level to the right of the front door had more lives that a cat on a motorway. Even Jaime (Ex FLB, Barron, Beavers) ran a place there. The last of them was as dark as the inside of a rubbish bag but hey, that’s what was wanted. Darkness makes us all look better!

    It is a strange thing that while I am in total agreement that your management always improved the places where you worked, there were a few that I couldn’t settle down in.  Secrets was a bold attempt to move up market and we ex X Zone people just were not looking for that level of sophistication. Baby Dolls was different and you returning a bar fine from a disaster is something that stays with me. Sugar Baby was so improved that it had two floors open and so it goes on.

    If there is one point that I would like to reiterate it is that I can say 100% that your management input always made any of the places that you went to, that much better.

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  14. I reached retirement and financial independence goals this year and wouldn't you know it the world shuts down.
    I'm probably going back to work in 2021 and waiting until 2022 to think about air travel.
    Sad sad sad as I thought in 2021 I would be full time party guy in Pattaya.
    I am finding lots of P4P action in DFW and Houston area with lots of cute 20 something white girls but it's 250-300 an hour but with a better menu than some sexy Pattaya girls were offering last year.
    I gotta think those sexy young and old bar girls wont be kicking too many of us sex tourist to the curb when things open back up but who knows how the menu's will change as on my last trip I had a massage girl use a condom for a BJ which was a first.
    Cute, white and up to 10,000 baht for an hour of their time! Your welcome to my share of that.

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  15. A bit more about this new Visa. Don't take it as verbatim as it is early days yet.
    Thanks Jacko. I'll give this a miss. Its more messing around than I am interested in and it will be at least 100,000 baht before I get a beer.

    There is also the issue that many of us don't live in cities and just sorting out the administration could be a bit of a minefield. While I am keen to get back to Thailand it would not be until the borders are open and things are back to near normal. I have accepted that this might be 2022 but what's on offer here (provisionally) has limited value for the average punter.

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