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  1. Im sure there are mongers on here who are experts at back door entrance
  2. DingDong the grass. Reported anybody today. Tood-muek
  3. Ask ding dong on here he reckons he speaks Thai. But probebly with an american dialect.
  4. Absolute fucking mayhem. A good laugh on the last day, but all week with those dick head falangs mostly British Im sad to say. Some of them actually try to cause motor bike riders to fall. I have even seen some falangs spraying large amounts of water at bikes with small children on board.
  5. Funny you should say that Roland I only wear the turban while looking for FBI's top ten terrorists in Soi VC /Yensabai. Got to say for a place like Pattaya it was a good one. Lot's of rough trade round there, tattooed brits, with skin head haircuts, and poor falangs roaming round. Did not even take the bodyguard his night off. Never been there before but good to see how the poor live. A brit even tapped me for a sub poor fucker I gave him 10baht for some sappalot
  6. Well just had a curry in there last night and got to say it was the best one I have had in Pattaya. The area is a bit rough, and scruffy I don't usually venture near these Soi's but yes top ruby Clubmans recomendation better than Egon whatever his name is. Rooney or something. Thank's for recomendation.
  7. Keep you knickers on Yet mae Pity the owners are not from Bradford they do a good Ruby there, sometimes find the odd whisker but this is Yorkshires Bombay.
  8. Going into business with a Thai lady. Oh no another lamb to the slaughter.
  9. Not everyone can access this forum, some of the retards need help which I am sure you are recieving. Are you a friend of Skytrooper's.
  10. I was replying to a quote from Lingo. If you care to read it you may understand you septic tank retard.
  11. They are allready on here. BG's, TG's, wife's, etc. All with the help of the in love, and lonley brigade.
  12. I bet you would. I am sure you will find some loving friends on here with the lonely hearts club. Are you related to Billy Bender
  13. English curry. Cracked me up. You mean what they serve pissed up Brits on a Sat night next door to Kebab house. Bet you don't see any cats or dogs round there. Because they are in the curry.
  14. Don't fall in love. Stay away from the lonley hearts club brigade on here, they will suck you in with tales how wonderful a Thai relationship is. Write down what you want to do to them Agree a price Do it to them Pay them Say Thank you, and goodbye. Do not give them your number Have a good holiday.
  15. Don't bother. It will take a long time for them to organise. Just a face thing. Same as seach at RGM
  16. Fuck all. F1 but with Thai oversound
  17. Would have thought you could afford the Royal Cliff Banus boy not some 2nd rate mongers hotel.
  18. MR.Dang. Top man, Reliable, competative, good motor, and fast trip
  19. A poor westerner surviving in LOS with little money. The kind of person Thi Prime Minister wants to get rid of.
  20. Soi Bukaow Many bar girls, freelancer's , drug dealers, nonces, and the skint falangs live in this area.
  21. Try Royal Cliff. I have just spent 6 weeks there. Top class hotel for Pattaya. No tatooed yobs, or gangs of young council estate guys. Some mongers, but mostly family, and business types No charge for hoe, but when you confirm book suite, or room for two persons. Website Royal Cliff Website
  22. Agree don't do it. Unless you intend to shave your head and look like some of the ex pats here. Or you want to look like a criminal type.
  23. uw uw Pendlebury Greater Manchester im shitting myself. I would hate to have a tatoo artist after me. Must be more scary than the drug lords, and organised crime mob I have encountered in my 25 years in the leisure industry.
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