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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Got rid of my BA [ now part of IAG ] years ago having gotinitially stung by the Gulf war crisis and needed to wait years just to break even.
  2. Applied for my refund on 16 March, it finally arrived today complete with seat charge refund and currency charges refund.
  3. Booked direct with EVA, they cancelled my 19 March flight on 16 March, never heard a word from them ! Airlines just as useless as larger agents.
  4. Still waiting, still zero contact from them
  5. Cancelling our EVA frequent flyers memberships after this months fiasco. Might be cutting off my nose etc, but feel that we have to make a gesture.
  6. Had to cancel my already cancelled ticket via their website, not sure if I get my seat booking fee back automatically, or if I need to contact them seperately. Managed to book with Thai for Friday flight. My Economy Plus ticket with EVA had cost £1175 return, forced to pay £1145 for Thai Economy single. Expoliting .......... Loyalty to EVA is now out of the window.
  7. EVA just cancelled my wifes flight to Thailand from London. Impossible to contact them to try and rearrange it as they will not answer calls or texts. As a passenger and long time Member I am appalled by their lack of customer care.
  8. Flown with EVA many times and have never been charged extra for seat choice. Always book the seat at the same time as making the main booking. Only time I paid for seat choice was with BA who only allowed free choice 24 hours before departure. One of the reason I NEVER fly BA.
  9. think so. a guy i know stayed there a couple of years ago, tight as a ducks arse, no way he would pay a joiner fee
  10. Worst BA Business Class to Bangkok. Need one elaborate - B... Awful
  11. Can't remember its name, but walked past it on many occasions when staying at The Whisper Hotel in the next soi down. What I do remember seeing is several Indian tour groups going in and out of the place.
  12. I went in by the train last time. Very efficient, but busy. Of course depends on your final destination as to whether or not its worth it.
  13. The wife tried in Thailand . Couldn't get lasagna sheets, so used cheese slices instead. Oh Dear.
  14. thanks for the info. I missed Evils' post.
  15. Not sure if I should ask this, maybe better not to prejudge venue. However just found that the Areca Lodge is fully booked for my dates and so booked into a new hotel round the corner, The Whisper. Anybody heard about it ? Thanks
  16. Just booked EVA Laurel in mid Feb 2018 for £1900, had to change my original dates by 1 or 2 days but saved £600 by doing so. Did BA once NEVER again. Just wish they would drop British from their name as its an embarrassment to our country.
  17. Handbags at 10 paces ? Depending on the age of the handbag of course.
  18. EVA always. Thai lost the plot standard wise many years ago whereas EVA staff are always friendly and helpful, admittedly I usually fly business. As for BA I'd rather go by bhat bus.
  19. Who actually chooses to fly with BA these days ? Virtually everything else is superior to their service
  20. Will be back there in June . OK the wifi isn't the best, but it ticks all the other boxes. Now know quite a few of the staff, they're always very pleasant.
  21. With the girlfriend coming over to the UK next week I've been looking at various EVA AIR options. The idea is that she will be here for 2 months then we both go back and visit the family for a few weeks before I return to the UK. The range of fares is incredible depending on the original direction of travel. Booking from the UK for BKK - LHR the fare is charged in Bhat and I have to travel to London to sign an indemnity form as we cannot produce the credit card used for the ticket when she checks in. More perversely is the variations in prices. It costs more to purchase a single [ Elite c
  22. Business class in feb has just gone through the roof with them. looked a week aga and the price was around £1500, todays its quoted on kayak at £2900. Managed to get EVA at £1650 direct. :)
  23. Pattaya International Hospital on Soi 4 gave me a thorough health check last sept. about 12000 bhat
  24. Just tried for the Evergreen wing in Feb/March. Can't get more than a few consecutive days. Probably heading towards The Bay View
  25. Interesting reading, i always fly with EVA Royal Laurel class, can't believe they hardly get a mention
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