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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Ah yes sorry it is the Tempest indeed. Sent from my SM-T310 using Tapatalk
  2. Did I see a FW 190 in RAF colours there? Awsome post thanks Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  3. After reading this thread I tried some last night night. It's a good beer and I like how the lime adds to the flavour. I Also tried the pilsner version which I now prefer. It's my new drop :) Bongojona
  4. Yaay all fixed now, MM changed my email so I could validate :) thanks, I will pop into FLB tonight Bongojona
  5. Yes I am paying the discount price of 1350 bt The distance is not too bad, easy to hop onto BB or take a taxi bike, but I even tried walking down to Beach road the first night and it was a pleasant 10 minute amble downhill (I am fit-ish and enjoy walking anyway) It's just great having a seperate bedroom.
  6. This is my 3rd trip to Pattaya, but my first stay at the RG I've stayed at several low/mid priced hotels before like Dyn Inn, Lek, Flippers (standard and mini suite) and Queen Vic and I can def say the RG is heads above all of them. With its spacious suites You feel like a resident of Pattaya rather than just a tourist in a shoebox. It's distance away from the action means you can properly relax, and you don't get the crowds you see in the more central hotels. The Staff are great, the pools are v good, and best of all is the look on your TGs face when she sees your room. Best response I h
  7. Am at the Lek right now in fact and have not noticed any noise of note at nights. Some construction noise daytime but not too loud. Nothing to put me off my poolside snooze... I DID notice the bar music late at night when i stayed in the Dyn Inn across the soi before, but not enough to stop me sleeping. Only problem with the Lek is that you have that 95 baht buffet breakfast in view everytime you go to the pool or down to beach road, it's just too temping to pass up ! Right now i am bloated... again
  8. Only thing BKK would have over PTYA would be better shopping and touristy stuff -Temples and so on. Other than that, Pats has Bangers beat in every other way I reckon. It still has quite good shopping AND some good touristy stuff to see.
  9. Me too... 12 days and counting I keep pinching myself
  10. I was just thinking, doesn't it remind you of Beach Road at 4 in the morning ?
  11. did anyone mention if there was a place to just hire one ?
  12. I'll second that for Dynasty Inn BKK. The newer wing at back has very nice clean rooms and is right across soi4 from Nana Hotel ! Am staying there next month. Bongo
  13. I was wanting some good comfortable business shirts made and was wondering which you helpful lot would suggest; the Big Mango or Sin City ? or are they pretty similar ? Bongo
  14. I bought a couple of boxes of 32 day2days off the shelf disposables for about 500 baht each box (i think) in that optician next to Tim's bar on 2nd road last year. I still have a few left and they are fine. Bongo Heaps of opticians all over Pattaya
  15. I remember mention a few months back about a new computer mall in Pattaya where you can buy dvds, software etc but I cannot find the posts again... Would some kind soul point me in the right direction ? Bongo
  16. Thanks heaps for all your advice, seems this is not too uncommon. I have decided to give them my cc details to be safe of a bed, but I have done so in two parts. Last 3 digit number in an email, and the rest by fax. This way only the hotel will have the complete info, and if someone there is dodgy, well... it could happen just the same if you are there and hand over your card. Wow in 6 weeks Ill be there :) Tis my 3rd time to Pattaya but I feel as giddy as my first time round :) hope to meet some of you at the FLB Bongo
  17. I have just made a booking with Dynasty Inn (BKK) and they have replied with this; Dear sir, Thank you for your e-mail. We have to change time arrival to 22:30 PM. Please fax a credit card details (or attach file via email)to guarantee the first night room late arriving after 6:00 PM. Guarantee form by fax ( fax number is 66 2 656 8107 or 66 2 255 4111) For hotel : Dynasty Inn Bangkok: Credit card : Visa, Master,American Express Number of card :_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Please include the last three digits on the signature pane
  18. I know of two places I've stayed in that you can get back to your room without walking through the lobby; Dynasty Inn (side entance through carpark) and the Queen Vic on soi 6 (can enter via back stairs on soi 6/1) I wonder if anyone knows of other such places that are good ? I dont really like the Inn and QV does not have a pool, so would like to try a new place. And no, I am NOT wanting to sneak ladyboys into my room ! I'm just a shy guy who doesnt like everyone staring at me with my lady. Bongo Will be there mid Sept cant wait
  19. Well, the Glasses I got are spot on, just the usual adjustment to a new pair to be made. Only problem is the transitional lenses do not go very dark at all, even in strong light. Defeats the purpose of having them when the girls on your Bhatbus can see you checking them out I should have just got dark lenses... However the other spare pair are very good and I also ended up getting some contacts (daily) for just over 500bt a box of 18 pairs. They are good also. So pretty happy overall Bongojona
  20. Slept in the Dynasty Inn last night and had a good sleep with not much noise from outside. Mind you, I had a deluxe room on level 7 (top floor) that looks out over soi13/2nd Rd so that probably helped. The rooms that overlook the courtyard get more construction noise and look very dark. But my room is great. All new, big room, big tv, good AC etc. Staff very friendly and there's a back entrance (thru courtyard) if you need privacy- staff don't seem to mind. The pool is small, but great if you just need a dip. It's not as small as it looks in photos once you are in it. A small pool rath
  21. Yipee ! I am sitting in that Internet Cafe across Soi 4 from Dyn Inn BKK, waiting for my room to become available. It is 630 am I have arrived !! Best feeling, knowing you have just begun your trip... It's very strange, as I left on Friday night from home, and was in Soi Nana by 5am Sat. There was still some nightlife going on at that time, so it felt like I had arrived on friday night So, if anyone yesterday had asked back home what I would be doing last night after work, I could, in a strange twist of the truth, say I would be in BKK Pity my room was not ava
  22. Taking the Bus is fine if you start out from BKK. Ekami is just a few Skytrain stops up Sukumvit from the Nana area, and if you're refreshed the bus trip is no hassel. Only takes 2 hours. But, comming off a long flight early morning, that is another story Cottesloe, I am staying in the soi 13 region as well (Dyn Inn) so no prob on meeting up Staying 2 nights in BKK first, so just 2 days to go for me Bongojona
  23. Is this Inn House the Dynasty Inn or another hotel ? Someone mentioned they had stayed there several years ago, and I know the Dynasty Inn was only built last year... Will be checking it out (Dyn Inn) in a few days Bongojona
  24. Everytime I arrive at BKK Airport, I end up paying 300-350bt for the Taxi ride into town (caught from departure Terminal of course) I am so excited about being here, I don't mind handing over the funny money, after all, I have plenty more of that waiting to be spent :) Now I'm hardly a cheap charlie, and this fare works out very cheap compared to any Western Nation's Taxi fare, but I wonder what others are paying for the trip to paradise ? Am I being taken for a ride... well obviously I am, but you get my drift Bongojona 3 days till Paradise
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