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  1. The only thing that I did not like was the walk up the stairs to your room. I know that they have built a rear entrance to the rooms. Does any one know it they also installed an elevator yet. BobSJ
  2. Place is ok - Some times you have to fight off the bugs - The walls are paper thin, but the location you cannot beat. I is a bit on the pricy side for what you are getting. - I would use this place strictly as a ST-Room only. No problems with unwanted guests dropping by unannounced. BobSJ
  3. The sale is only out of certain cities and does not include BKK - You will be paying extra from Narita to BKK. EVA is still the better deal. Not only that - but a portion of the flight may be made by other carriers and not by NWA. BobSJ
  4. I have a picture somewhere of the Orginal ladies that worked there - I will look for it and post it. The one lady that I remember was named Nicki, and her co-worker whos name I cannot remember had long wavy Black Hair. She was the quiet one and my favorite when I would visit. BobSJ
  5. Speaking of the Cigar Shop - Has anyone been able to take out any of the Ladies from the Shop ?? BobSJ
  6. If you are looking for a place to play pool - Try going to "Top's on the 2nd/fl. They have recently expanded their space and is now even bigger. What is nice is that you have the food store on the main floor and the bowling alley on the 3rd floor - If that is not enough - Just cross the street and walk down to Soi-7 Soi-8 for more fun . BobSJ
  7. The one I remember is De La Mer 89 M 10 Walking St, e-mail is Pattaya@hoteldelamer.net also P72, 19th Hole, and there are a few more which escape right now. They are further down towards the end of Walking St. BobSJ
  8. I was doing a little surfing on the web when I came across this article on International GSM Sim Card by MOBAL Does anyone have any experience with this company and it's Sim Card? I read the information and it sounds good on paper - You need to have a unlocked Tri-Band cell to make this work. (I already have a unlocked Tri-Band) Any first hand experience or additional info would be greatly appreciated. I guess - I should have been a little bit more specific - My buddy needs a number to give to his wife for Emergency Purposes. He does not want her to know that he is in Thailand
  9. Don't Do it - They will tie up your cash flow for the requested "Deposit" with your credit card company. Yes do tell them that you are a "Cash Account" If the Hotel wants to play hard ball, make a second reservation with another Hotel. BobSJ
  10. On my last trip to Pattaya, I used my Merwest Visa Check Card for ATM withdrawals and my Meriwest Visa Card to pay for my Hotel Bill at Sabai-Lodge. In both cases I was not charged any type of Tranaction Fee or Service Fee from the Thai Banks, Hotel or from my own Bank. I am still watching my statements for any unusual activity. Any time I go overseas, I contact my Bank and let them know that I will be out of the country on vacation and will be using my cards. By doing this I avoid any problems of my card not being accepted when I use it.
  11. That is hard for me to believe - They just did upgrades on the place and now it is out of Business. I was just there in Sept when he was doing upgrades on his business. Oh Well. BobSJ
  12. I believe that the Queen Vic has a computer at the rear facing soi-6/1 also there is a internet shop across from The Beach Hotel on Soi-6 BobSJ
  13. Well When I talked with management on my last trip (Sept-04) they said that it would be done by the beginning of Oct-04. When I left on 3-Oct-04, it did not look like it was anywhere near completion. This is the new 6-story structure. BobSJ
  14. On my last stay in Pattaya there was a group of gentlemen who were wheel chair bound and they all stayed at the Sabai-Lodge on the first floor. They are not really set up for wheel chair access, but they were able to get around by using the entrance by the salathai restaurant. They had no problem getting around as long as they stayed on the first floor. As for their meals, they would either use room service or have their meals served by the pool area. as for their TGF's it was not a problem. They were very helpful and I even saw one riding on the back of a powered wheel chair while on wa
  15. Just before I left The Carlton on 2nd/rd @ soi5 was asking 500b for their rooms But that was about 2-weeks ago. prices may have gone up by now. BobSJ
  16. When making your reservation, be very specific about what you want. When it comes to the rooms in general, They now have 2 new sections they have added. The first new section is directly behind the Salathai Resturant. The 3-story bulding i would suggest not staying on the first floor as you will only have a view of the wall outside. Stay on the 2nd or 3rd floor. The new 6-story structure in the same area was not open on my last stay, but management said that it would be open in Oct. The only negetives about the building is that they need to increase the lighting in the rooms. As for the d
  17. I also have an invite from Sabai Lodge and I do believe that the VIP membship will center around the opening of the new wing that will open this Oct. This will be the 6-story structure. I was at the Sabai Lodge during month of Sept and the new section was no where near completion. Also they are working on the new addition across the road which will be billed as the Sabai Resort. FYI - for those who stay at the new section behind Salathai Restaurant, If you want to avoid the walk of shame - there is a rear entrance used by the employees. You would enter the parking lot from Soi1 walk towa
  18. Check out Cigar Havana on 2nd Rd at Tip's Plaza - Good Selection of Cigars and the ladies are very nice. BobSJ
  19. Hello All, I believe that there is an exchange booth just before going thru passport control. It is located along the back wall as you are walking towards passport control. I do not remember it there is an ATM machine by the exchange booth or not. BobSJ
  20. Hello All, My last 2 trips I have stayed at Mike's Orchid for 800b / daily. I like the place and the price is right, The rooms are all the same in terms of layout. 1-single bed and 1-double bed. 20" TV with remote, and fridge. The ladies at the reception area are efficent and friendly and respond in a quick manner if you have a problem with your room. What has not been said is that when you leave your room, downstairs in the reception area they have a power switch to turn off the power to your room when you are gone. Also, unless you catch the maid in the morning - your room m
  21. I have been watching the price for NWA and as of this writing the price has gone up from $850.50 to $999.50. This has been over the last 2 months since my last visit. As for the other airlines the prices are on the rise. BobSJ
  22. I used the link and it works just fine - but then I wanted to send an e-mail to the dental dept and their e-mail address does not work. Comes back as a failure. Oh well, BobSJ
  23. I will be arriving in Bkk on 06-Sept @ 2355 hrs. Would anyone be interested in sharing a ride from Bkk Airport to Pattaya. Thanks, BobSJ
  24. Hello Melyp, You may want to try the Dentist on Soi-5 / 2nd Rd opposite of PIC Kitchen. Had my teeth cleaned on my last visit and it only cost me 700b if I remember correctly. I also asked about laser treatment and they do do it. Cheap cost by U.S. standard. But before chosing a dentist - Check out the cost at Pattaya International Hospital on Soi-4 / 2nd Rd. It will cost a bit more but it is still worth checking out and talking to the Dentist. I will probably have my teeth done on my next visit. BobSJ
  25. My extra luggage and clothes - I usually leave with my TGF. Work out just fine - But then there is always the problem that she may split or you have a change of heart. But It is only a minor problem at most. BobSJ
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