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  1. The pizza's has a great crust, but are very bland bland in taste. There's almost no tomato sauce... Nice ambiance though and you can't beat the location...!
  2. This One! Its one of the best vegetarian restaurants i ever eaten at, been going there for the last ten years or so... Great suggestion.
  3. Just forget about indian food in Pattaya, those sour burps...i regret it every time.
  4. why not?thai food is not expensive to make... i just dont understand what the problem is,i know its hard to make the staff work and perform at all times. but i have many examples of friends that have restaurants which work out great! the difference is that they have a non compromising relationship with the staff. its business not a "friendship. its not more expensive to make good food,but theres to many restaurant owners out there, who doesnt really have an interest in food ,and dont understand refinement of it. i know soo many "chefs"who cooks terrible food. its the same with any establishment. try to run a gogo or a bar with a "laxed" attitude... that being said,i will continue going to PBG to support,i think it will become a great restaurant!
  5. nice enough place,but the food has never been great. too bad though,with the right guy managing it,you could turn it into a top notch restaurant in 30 days.
  6. how are you going to live in a studio with your wife/girlfriend? its just too small....that relationship may not last too long... a one bedroom or two, is also a much better investment.
  7. looks like a very small portion to me... but seem to be a nice place!
  8. Super expensive if you want quality! twice as expensive as florida for example... and you will be paying for the systematic rip off,of keeping the building up! anything livable for two people,decent building and location...6 million +
  9. hot and cold agogo between soi 7 and 8th!
  10. Man...that sounds good right now!
  11. thailand has the highest credit card fraud in the world,be careful in any transaction. last year i lost 250 usd from eating at mac donalds paying with a card....
  12. was there a month ago,not good at all and way way overpriced
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