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  1. Peter Gold was arrested last week in Phnom Penh,on drug charges,now in prison.He also did some very dodgy rental deals in P.P,as well as Love Joys in Jomtein. Just google Peter Gold Cambodia,and all will be revealed,including his arrest warrant in Thailand
  2. I love the place,and wont bag it sorry. But if you really want to be ripped off,just head up to the next Soi. Ned
  3. Any news guys,like can he get out and about a bit more yet,is he back at work? The last i heard he was having lunch in Soi 14,two days after getting discharged from hospital. Ned
  4. 1000bn BF crazy? Mate on party nights its 2000b BF for some chick in cut off shorts,LOL,LOL Ned Several places charge 1000b BF? Name just a few. Ned
  5. Giday Floyd, Mate i gave up emailing Thai hotels a long time ago,due to lack of response. I live in Australia and i find by spending a few dollars on a phone call is better,give it a try,they all speak english at reservations. Ned
  6. Two guests at Areca,is not a problem,and no charge for the second girl,if your smart. They only question you if you walk past reception,just use the entrance between the two buildings and your laughing,done this many times over the last four years. Ned
  7. Areca will ask for your CC,and will put a voucher through without any charges. This is purely a measure to cover any costs above accomadation.EG Mini Bar,food,bar drinks,telephone calls,etc. When you check out simply pay for any incidentals and your CC vouher will be returned to you. Just make sure you have proof of payment from Sawadee.Com to show on your arrival,the last thing you want is an arguement over payment when you leave. Ned
  8. Mate i tend to agree about Areca,its not what it was before. Ive just come back from my seventh stay at Areca and i was very sad to see how the attitude has changed there. The manager Nancy has always been a very false and almost rude lady,and her attitude is creeping into the rest of the staff. Sadly they are very popular hotel,so i dont think Nancy cares if she upsets a few guests,as long as the numbers stack up. Heres an example of her rudeness... I checked in with a long term regular,and Nancy asked is she your girl friend,i said no just a friend,Nancy then talked to th
  9. Crebus, Heres a tip for you. Unless youre 100% sure that this forum cant be accesed by any Thai authority,i suggest you get Evil to edit his original post and delete the description of the Hell Club as a brothel and any reference to how much you pay a girl for sexual services. Not a smart move by him including these terms in his post including a map, on where to find a brothel in Thailand and how much you pay for sex there. Ned
  10. Cerebus, I assume your refering to me in the above post,ad if so let me clear up a few of your false assertions. I have used the services of the Eden Club in Bangkok,and i found it to be over rated,mechanical sex and most definitely not worth $3600B.And if you care to read the threads on Eden on the Bangkok tonight forum,there are hundreds of punters who feel the same. I have been into the Hell Club,as i previously stated where i found three or four very plain girls asleep at the rear of the room,and Jacko was at the front of the bar on the left as you walk in typing on a PC,so
  11. Give it a rest Evil,its YOUR OPINION that Hell is exceptional value for money,and its Touristmans OPINION that its NOT anywhere near value for money. Just because his opinion is in total opposition to your view of Hell,does not warrant a reply by you stating that his opinion is a mistatement,and in need of correction by you.He stated it was IN HIS OPINION,so therefore its NOT a mistatement by Touristman,its what he believes. Your continual posts and topics on Hell,i believe are doing this place more harm than help,its a wonder Cerebus doesnt ask you cease your continual diatribe on t
  12. Wow the best post ever from this Pimp. Pattaya more expensive than Bangkok,kidding right?Rent,electricity,water,transport,food etc,etc are cheaper in Pattaya than Bangkok,without doubt.So dont give us this bullshit,just to justify your over the top pricing. If you guys charge 7000 Baht for a full days stay,thats just taking the piss,unless your aiming at Newbies that dont know better. We all know that a Stunner from a Go Go,will stay as long as you want her for 2000B{or less} plus 500B bar fine,and shes as fresh as a daisy,not some bird who may have been shagged all day,before y
  13. I cant believe the increases within only 2 years. When i first came to Pats 2 years ago the prices are as follows,compared to Febuary 2007 Australian Dollar/Thai Baht 30b,now 27b if your lucky. Airfare,$700 AUD,now your lucky to find a fare under $1000AUD Hotel {Areca Lodge} 990B now 1050B{still very cheap though} Go Go B/F 400b {600b tops at Super Models} now 600b is the norm,and one place is asking ONE THOUSAND BAHT, its no Secret where thats happening. Great to see Living Dolls 1 taking the initiative and lowering BF,smart guy that Aussie owner. Beer Bar
  14. Ive been into the rooms at the Rockhouse,and they are exactly as Mulph describes them. Theyre VERY spacious and the furniture is excellent,but what i found to be most appealing was that the rooms and the whole premises were spotless. Another plus is that the Rockhouse is situated in Soi L K Metro,just off Soi Diana,which is a brilliant area for drinking and some great,great girls. Ned
  15. Giday Touristman, Mate i agree with you about this clip/rip off brothel,but youre just giving these Pimps oxygen every time you post. With all their Spamming and recruitment of friends{Alan Lad} to pump this place,its obvious theyre feeling the pinch. We and hundreds of others know its a Newbie rip off,no matter what the Pimps say on this board,there are far greater alternatives for threesomes in Pattaya than Hell. Marc is not a stupid man,and he clealy saw the writing on the wall before this brothel opened,so he unloaded most of it to a couple of other Pimps. Just lef
  16. The reason Pty to BKK is cheaper,is because there are no parking fees involved,when they just drop you at the terminal.When they pick up from the airport,they have to use the pay car park. Ned
  17. I know more about the workings of both Eden and Hell,than you realise. So my friend lets leave it at that. And i will most definitely buy you a beer or two in three weeks time. Ned Ned
  18. Stevoman, A post from a guy who visited Pattaya many years ago,and also questions why he should pay a massive 200 Baht for a free lancer in a Beer Bar.{Taken from your history on this board} And you try to support Hell who charge way over the top prices for the service. By the way,good luck in the Rugby World Cup,i think it will be the All Blacks or the Frogs,with Ireland as the team to cause an upset. Ned
  19. So youve obviosly never been to Soi 6 or Welcome Inn on Soi3. You say in your post that " They take directions extremely well" You then go on to say that"I have no desire whatsoever to CONVERSE with the girls or interact with the girls,except in a sexual way" So how on earth do you give the girls directions,without conversing with them? As far as your comment goes on "No training necassary" maybe you should ask the owners WHY they brought girls from Eden,to TRAIN the girls at Hell,how to act as Sexual Robots,which is the service they provide,Robotic Sex. Up to you mate,whe
  20. Are you guys kidding? VIP Membership is 20,000 Baht. Which entitles you to 10 FREE Ladies,lol. That equates to 2,000 Baht per lady,compared to 1,800Baht if not a member. Oops i forgot,you also recieve a mammoth 15% discount on CUSTOMER drinks,NOT Lady Drinks. Has anyone tried to have a drink at Hell or Eden before being hassled to chose a Lady or move on.Their own marketing spiel discourages drinking,lol. Wait thers more,if you want a Lady for a full day,its ONLY 7000 Baht,compared to Go Go girls 2500/3000 tops or Beer Bar girls 1000b tops. Ned
  21. Jacko, Im not a Newbie to either Pattaya or Bangkok,so please dont treat me as one. I know for a fact that any girl from Eden or Hell is penalised if she stays longer than 6AM,or extra money is asked for from the punter. Why do you even mention 6 AM as leaving time? Why does a punter pay Eden or Hell 3000 Baht when taking the girl out? Surely a punter should only pay your club a bar fine,and then its up to the girl what she wants for her services.No other establishment in Thailand dictates what you will pay for a girls services. If i take a girl from a Beer B
  22. You forgot to add that this will set you back 3000 Baht,for a girl who may have been shagged non stop for the previous 9 hours. And can you explain why the girls MUST leave by 6AM? Surely the owners of Hell are not controlling the girls movements and time she spends with a punter,as Marc does in Bangkok. If a girl likes the punter who takes her out after 10PM,why MUST she leave at 6 AM if she wishes? Theres no other bar/gogo/club that dictates to the girls what time she MUST leave a paying punter. Ned Ned
  23. Areca Lodge has two pools,the front pool is shaded almost the entire day. Brilliant hotel,i wouldnt stay anywhere else. Five minute stroll to Walking St or Sois7/8,and PLENTY of action within spitting distance of the hotel. www.arecalodge.com Ned
  24. Giday All, Im heading back to Pats. in Febuary and want to spend a few sobering days on Koh Larn,has anyone stayed there and can recommend a good hotel. Thanks Ned
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