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Instructions on joining the Members Only Forum

How to access the photo gallery

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Accessing and using the Gallery.


Access to The Gallery is through the Gallery Link at the top right of this and every page of the forum. The Gallery is a good place to show off your picture taking skills. We all appreciate a good pic, especially of a pretty girl, so please do post your photos in the relevant section. There are 4 main sections as follows.


1 The Stunners Gallery.


This gallery is open to all members to view and post.


It has been around this forum in one form or another since 2000. Although it is called the Stunners Gallery, it is for posting pics of girls you have met and liked in Thailand. One man's stunner is another man's frog but all pics are welcome here.


The gallery is divided into years. You can appreciate the good work of others from earlier years but you can only post new pics in the current year.


In the past, I used to move pics in here from the Stunners posts on the main board. I will not be doing that any more as everyone can now post their own pics directly and get the correct attribution for them.


I'd really like to see more action in this Gallery so come on guys, get posting.


2 FLB Events


This gallery contains pics taken by the FLB Team at FLB events. You can not post here but all members are welcome to browse the pics and check out some of the fun you may have missed.


3 The Secure Gallery


This gallery was put in to provide a more secure place to show off your pics. It is not open to all members. To get access you must apply by PM to PattayaPete or MM. Access will only be granted to people who have been a member here for at least 6 months, have made at least 50 posts on the main board and have posted 5 original pics of a sexy nature, in the Secure Gallery Application area. To keep membership current you must post at least 5 new pics every six months or so.


We try not to get into levels of access on this forum. All members can see all the posts here BUT some members are reluctant to post pics in the general area. That's why we have a Secure Gallery. If you are an active photographer and would like to share your work with other active photographers then this is the place for you.


4 The Secure Gallery Application Area.

Anyone can post here. This is the place to post your first 5 pics when applying for access to the Secure Gallery. Any pics posted here are moved to the Secure Area.


5 Tourist and Street Scenes


Everyone can view and post here.


This is the place for all your G rated tourist photos. People really do enjoy seeing general street scenes and photos of the tourist places you have visited. Since the new Gallery went in in late 2006 this area has hardly been used.


I know lots of you have lots of great photos that you could post here, so come on guys show us the best of what you have.



Posting pics can be time consuming and headache causing for the inexperienced. When members make the effort to post pics PLEASE respond accordingly. All posters appreciate good feedback. No one likes being told that the girl he liked so much is a real dog.


There is a comment and a rating system for all pics. If you do not like a photo for any reason then feel free to rate it accordingly. If you really like a pic, then PLEASE leave a nice comment for the photographer and give it a good rating as well. Rate the pic by clicking on 1 - 5 and then on Rate It. 5 is best 1 is worst. Leave your comment by clicking on the Add Reply button.


If there is good feed back then more people will post new pics and we all benefit.



How to post a pic in the Gallery.


Go to the relevant section. All members can post in Stunners 2007, Secure Gallery Application Area and Tourist and Street scenes.


Once you are in the appropriate gallery, click on the NewImage button at the bottom of the page. A normal posting screen will open, where you can give a caption to your pic (1) and write a little about it (2).




Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see (1) Image to upload, a text box and a button labeled Browse. Click on the browse button and a window to navigate your own disk will open (2). Navigate to the photo you wish to upload and click open at the bottom of this window.




After you press Open the image info will appear in the text box (1) and you are ready to upload it by pressing the Post Image button (2).




You will have to wait a few seconds while your pic is uploaded to the Pattaya Talk server and you are done.


Note: For more advanced posters you can post up to 8 pics at a time by using the BulkUpload button. Using this method you can not include a caption or text with each pic BUT you can open each pic after it has been uploaded, click on edit and include a caption and a comment then. If you don't do that the caption will be the file name of the pic and no comment will be included.

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