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The green tracked excavator you see at the 00:30 mark is undoubtedly the culprit that started the fire. It was working to push construction barriers into the ground prior to excavating and probably hit the utility lines and power box shorting out the mess and starting the electrical fire. 

The same excavator was also responsible for accidently knocking down a couple of overhead business signs over the last several months too. 

Had a good chuckle to at the Thai worker that was rushing to put out the fire with a small pail of water (04:29). :default_biggrin:

And the fire dept that is only about 200m away sure took their sweet time getting to the fire.


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This is going to cost the contractor a lot more than the two business signs they previously knocked down.

Fire alarms tourists in Pattaya after excavator gets entangled with wires

Many people witnessed a fire that caught on cable wires on Soi Buakhao 15 in Pattaya around 3 PM today, October 19th.

The flames broke out after an excavator that was working on a drainage project on Soi Buakhao 15 got its arm entangled with the wires above it by accident, an eyewitness told The Pattaya News.

Tourists and residents fled the scene immediately, and there are no reports of injuries so far after the fire was put out by Pattaya firefighters. However, five cars that were parked near the fire were damaged including a black Toyota Yaris, a white Honda HRV, a bronze Toyota Yaris, a black Toyota Altis, and a white Honda Civic.

About 200 meters of incinerated communication wires were left at the scene, pending an investigation from Pattaya relevant officials.

Many businesses and homes also have no power as of press time.


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