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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. If you are flying via the Middle east I would wholeheartedly recommend Oman Air,in my humble opinion miles ahead of Emirates (in J class)
  2. A few years ago i was looking to buy a cheap ticket from BKK to NRT to see the then girlfriend, the cheapest was United. I had never flown with an American airline (having never had the desire to go to America) & was amazed that people ever bought another ticket with them?? I put me off all American airlines & I have seen very little to persuade me to try one again! Be Nice Moby69
  3. Very good product I have been with them for the last two years. Sadly when I booked the price was well over 2 grand so did not book with them this year Be Nice Moby69
  4. Fuck knows where I've been going to all the times I fly out of there, as I have never seen any of that But I wish I had thanks for taking the time to post Be Nice Moby69
  5. well done Rhino, i did trip along the water ways but ended up on a big boat a good few years ago, great fun Be Nice Moby69
  6. With Bangkok only 20 mins away I would not be spending it in the airport Be Nice Moby69
  7. Love it numerous roaches on 2 visits & Booked again Be Nice Moby69
  8. Hi Jacko Last year I drove down, very pleasant, my mate lives just round the corner from LHR so was able to park the car at his But the drive home was bloody awful This year I will be letting the train take the strain 1st class to Kings X (+return) beer & food included :thumbup My mate gets me a ticket for less than £30 Be Nice Moby69
  9. I used Oman air last year in Business class, & was very impressed. The year before I went by Emirates (in Business) from Newcastle cost more & was rubbish compared to Oman (IMHO) This year I am back with Oman Air Be Nice Moby69
  10. Hi jelluk, Strange request I know but are you still running the golf days from Le Katai ? Be Nice Moby69
  11. Have used this service over the past few years for myself, my brother & friends without any problems. Cars in very good nick with good drivers. Be Nice Moby69
  12. Yeah, I was looking at getting a trip up there in Aug as they do a summer deal for 800 Bht per round Regards Moby69
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