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  1. This is the stuff. Congrats to all concerned. Much appreciated. be seeing you monkeyman
  2. I've just had this strange feeling of deja vu.
  3. 5+. Not forgetting The Ugly Brothers at FLB of course.
  4. So did mine. I think it means "pencil dick".
  5. Well, it looks like the board is unanimously in favour of "no need to click this." Poll? This is more like a going over by Special Branch.
  6. So where's the hard drugs then? Oh, I see.
  7. I think you'll find that sailors usually hang out with a different type of screamer. Oh, and this year's fashion conscious male is going to bars wearing his underpants on his head and a pencil up each nostril.
  8. My doctor told me the best way to keep my blood pressure down was to stay away from Pattaya. He was right. But I didn't. be seeing you monkeyman
  9. Don't think he'll feel much like killing anybody after a kick in the bollocks...
  10. Well hush my mouth. :-X The missing pictures have appeared as if by magic. So how does that work then?
  11. Cess Great photos. The ones that I always mean to take but never do. But what's happened to the ones after the Dolphin Roundabout? I'm getting a little cross. No, I'm not getting angry, I'm getting the little "something's fucked up big time" red crosses where the pictures should be. So now I'll never know what your personal favourite is. Just one of life's bitter ironies I guess. be seeing you monkeyman
  12. Religion is the opium of the masses. Nuff said.
  13. So how come they wait until 2am to tell you what you've been drinking all night?
  14. Don't let the girls know for christ's sake.
  15. mats I think your reply might prove your definition of "experience".
  16. aj I checked out the Kitten Club the night after it opened. The girls weren't wearing masks and boots. Otherwise it looked much the same as when it was Cats. Nothing much going on. I wasn't impressed. be seeing you monkeyman
  17. We're all here. Where are you?
  18. What do you get if you cross a Jehovah's Witness with a Hells Angel? Someone who comes to your front door and tells YOU to fuck off.
  19. There's also a punk version which was done by the Rezillos in the 70's.
  20. ....and you'd probably rather have your head up your arse than eat an English girl's cooking. be seeing you monkeyman
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