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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I imagine Martin would welcome a FLB party, with a Nuns and Vicars theme- Dunno so much about a Burqa and Muslim Cleric, one tho' Some bugger would turn up as as suicide bomber and all hell would break loose !
  2. Is that prediction from form, or the total cost of the team ?
  3. Pattaya could be in any country in the world and not represent that country. No more than Disneyland represent the US. When I observes Thais inter-reaction away from Pattaya, it strikes me, that unless they know the other person. ie neighbour or friend, they hardly make eye contact. When dealing at a shop, or market stall, they seldom say thank you, or kiss my arse, to each other. As a Westener, I find it quite cold. It doesn't bother them, so.... As my friend who lives there 6 months year says " Land of smiles ? More like miserable bastards ! "
  4. I remember walking around the Camel Market in Bearsheba, Israel. A lady was wearing just that piece of cloth over her lower face. As she sat down to breast feed her baby, she removed it to cool down a bit. She was pretty ugly and looked much better when it was in place. I wondere if hubby made her wear it in bed ?
  5. I didn't say they were moving the a/port, I said they were considering moving the a/craft to higher airports. If they did this, it could impact on services. As for you talking about the flooding being worse a few years back, try post 10 of this thread. In my OP, I was quoting my friends assessment of the floods in Phitchet, where it was worse than her dad could remember since he was a kid- 1942 ? You were comparing it with Bangkok, which was at the time unaffected. She was on sight of the flooding you were not, but that didn't stop you jumping onto my post to diss it. Is it that little
  6. He's got white feet just like our Herb'. He is a bit quick across the ground too !
  7. I saw it in the Bangkok Post a few days ago. Or I could have just made it up, like you assume I do. I didn't say they were diverting flights, I said they were thinking of moving out of service equipment, to other military airfields. Perhaps i just imagined it ? Thought I would throw it in, just for you to rebuff. I do that sometimes. I thought you said this was no worse than a few years back ? Or was that just to contradict anything I say as usual ? Just Google 'Moving aircraft from Bangkok airport'. It worked for me. About 140 of 'em. Dong Muang could be an alternative for fli
  8. Very true. The lady I spoke of is half Muslim and half R.C. Christian, but as her dad was Muslim.... The only Muslim observation she follows is not eating pork. She eats non Hal Al meat, Drinks, smokes Ganja.. Interestingly, she belongs to a Indonesian based spiritual, multifaith group called SUBUD. They have groups all over the world. All a bit weird, the ones I have met- mostly middle class Europeans. Some, like this woman, have had a traumatic past. She detests Islamic extremist behaviour. As I said before, her hubby gave up his post as a RC missionary to marry her. His family i
  9. There was talk of moving A/cft from the new a/port to higher military ones. It don't take a lot of water to prevent the use of a runway. River water spraying into engines intakes, is highly undesirable. !
  10. I think most Thai banks know that a loan secured by land is a 'safe as houses'. We bought some land a few years back at a very reasonable price, because the sellers needed money to pay the bank, rather than forfeit it to them. Borrow no more than you can pay back. Same as anywhere else in the world
  11. True, but I thought it moved towards the supression of women thingy, so.... Edited to add How many people spat at your sister in the street for allowing herself to be alone in male company, to let this happen to her ? The event I spoke of, was about 38 years ago and I doubt much has changed since- might have, but I doubt it. I was in a rush to take Herb for a walk when I first replied.
  12. I ai'nt no feminist- as you may have worked out for yourselves, but this little story made me angry. On another post I mentioned an Indonesian Muslim lady was 'seeing' this summer. She was a widow, whose late husband was a RC missionary convert to Islam, to allow him to marry her. I cheekily asked her if she was still a virgin when she got married aged 22. She paused, than began to sob. she told me she wasn't a virgin because her boyfriend raped her two years earlier. He had arrived at her house on a motorbike just a it began to rain. Her chaperone had to leave to visit her elde
  13. Lots of northerners working in factories closed by the floods around BKK, are stranded without work or pay and can't get home. Must be a desperate situation for many families.
  14. Total lack of imagination by the observers of these women. Chance for a new football chant; " Get your face out ! Get your face out ! Get your face out for the laaaaads, get your face out for the lads.... Two women, wearing the full face garb, were talking to an English woman outside Tesco last week. I think they were asking directions, but the poor woman couldn't understand a word they were saying. With no view of their lips and their African accent,she couldn't grasp it They eventually gave up. Edit to add for those non Brits, it is usually 'tits out'
  15. They are a resilient lot all right. My lady friend is organizing a regatta type event Saturday at her village,to cheer everyone up. Swimmers racing rowers, two man boat team where the rower has their eyes shut and the non rower must not speak, only the crowd can give directions..... Fish is on the menu every other day........ One problem to come, is the cold water will lower the soil temperature for quite a time and it will take longer for the fields to get warm enough for rice seed to germinate. Lets hope a good bit of sun follows this rain.
  16. Oh I dunno joe, due to rationing in 1940's in England, I was breast fed for about 18 months, at least. No baby food in tins in them days. I have to confess, it is a lifestyle I still struggle to give up.
  17. When I said it was the worse in living memory, I was forgetting how old Joek was of course ! One thing I notice from the film, the Thai people in 1942 are physically about the same as today. In the west we were about half the size of today. Mind you, in the UK we were on strict rationing at that time. I can remember ration books as a nipper. I hope the rain stays away for everyone. Martin, I recently read your post on putting a fork in the PT, so I thought the good old weather, could help a bit. Its gonna be 22c in london today- not bad for October !
  18. I agree, my dad in his 80's had great long term memory. He could tell you which year Hyperion won the Derby or Workman won the Grand National- both in the 30's, or the time in the same decade, when the pony got them home in thick fog, even stopping at the pub enroute......but ask him about last week and..... I can't believe the old boy has been gone 20 years now. I can remember the great snow of '62-3 the local floods in Surrey of '68, because I had to go to work through them. Stuff like that sticks in your mind. Anyhoo, the Thai Prime Minister says it is the worst flooding for decad
  19. I forgot to mention how worried I was about you too, Tom. I never know where you are anyway; Pattini- KUL.... I just read about the croc's escaping from a farm in Ayuthaia. My Lady friend tells me they are loose around Pitchet too. So no wading waist deep, wearing your kilt old son, they are very partial to a chipolata and pickled walnuts. Crocodiles is one thing we Brits don't talk about very much.
  20. I only put the 'living memory' in for you to contradict joe. You are getting predictable mate. My friend who lives near Pitchet, told me her 70+yo dad, can't remember it being so bad there, in his life time. And I was genuinely concerned how the above posters were coping.
  21. I assumed there were more Expats living away from Pattaya- Gary, Dr Mick.... just wondered how it was in their neck of the woods. Assuming the worst is not over yet.
  22. nidnoyham


    We Brits talk about the weather all the time, so it comes as a bit of a surprise to me, that no one is talking about the worst floods in living memory to hit LOS. Are you all away from them ? Do you go to market by boat ? Or is it all exagerated by the press ? Surely some of you are near it ?
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