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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I suppose half of Thailand is wearing black armbands after The City win at Wembley ? One thing the Thais get right is the way they pronounce Rooney !
  2. Exeter City had a young player die of cancer, Adam Stansfield. The club has a 60ftx 40ft shirt with his name on, they unravel at away games. His name still appears in the programe. At the Brentford cup game in February, a punter won £660 on the 50/50 raffle and donated it to the clubs cancer charity in his name. He was about the same age. makes a lot of the bollocks we argue about seem pretty pointless, but we will still do it.
  3. There is a loose connection between him and the team. Fulham play in black and white....
  4. When first commissioned it was to be placed outside Harrods, but he sold that store. When it arrived along with a £100,000 bill, he had to put it somewhere. It wasn't gonna be accepted as a gift to the nation by anyone with a brain cell, ( which doesn't exclude those in charge I suppose ) so Fulham it was..... It isn't so much who it is, but what an eye sore it is. Someone described as a giant toy, you get inside a McDonalds happy meal.
  5. Yes it was almost predicted by all long term Fans. That was one of the worst performances this season. The team are gutted - especially Sam Suanders who has blossomed after Andy Scott left. Why that referee didn't play the advantage after a foul well in our own half by Carslisle, when Sam was clear and a free run to the goal I'll never know. Not making excuses- we were crap, but the Ref had been sacked by the FA for being useless- there was an article about it in the Match proggrame and he did come from Lancashire, linesemen from West Yorkshire and Nottingham. Ah well, Swindon Satur
  6. TV companies wanting their pound of flesh joe ?
  7. Know what I think ? Having watched a few cup games on ITV involving Man.U- Man. City, playing against lower opposition, The players look as if they are on autopilot. They seem to lack the oomph of lower divisions. I know the lower teams will play their socks off in a cup game, but Wayne Rooney couldn't get the better of David Hunt our on loan player for Crawley. They won by an odd goal. Man city had to bring Tevez on against Nott's County before they looked like scoring. I put this down to them playing too much football, they seem shell shocked. So many cups, domestic and European
  8. We have a terrible record in any final. We have a home league game against Carlisle on Friday night 25th March- Both sets of fans can sing about going to Wembley. We have over 20,000 going and they have a London branch of supporters, so it should be a good day out, if the trains are running. We shall be behind the goal, in the "singing " section. "non singing was an option WTF ? Orient today, we have had shit luck against the two top teams, hope it changes today.
  9. What can Brentford do that Chelsea can't ? Beat Everton in a penalty shoot out. How Cole hit the lad using an air rifle I'll never know. Our goalie Richard Lee, save another penalty against Brighton Tuesday, then we scored an own goal, giving them the points ! It can be a cruel game for supporters.
  10. hi Wac, Smart move by Arsene to get an away game at Orient for the Cup. He must have heard that the O's club house is Camera run and has 5 real ales at any one time. They have a beer festival at the club 3rd/ 4th Mar, free admission over thirty real ales on offer. It will make losing to a D1 club that much easier to bear.
  11. Watch the Brentford loan player David Hunt use his long throws against United. Go Crawley Town.
  12. Yes, he has been saving that up all summer. Didn't want to waste it on a World cup, did he now ? He will have to repeat that for England at least five times, before I stop calling him a c##t.
  13. I was at Exeter Monday night. Lovely people in pub. One put Hey Jude on the jukebox, not realizing it was Brentford's song. His mate gave him a hard time about it. " But I really like it " he replied. Andy Scott's departure has breathed new life into the boys. First game against Plymouth, we saw a team we thought we had lost. Monday night we were singing - We've got out Brentford back.... After the Exeter game, the fans were calling for their mangers head. Five losses in a row and the team did not seem up for it against us. I know exactly how they feel. There is talk of J.F
  14. It appears Zidane was paid £1.9m for supporting the Qatar world cup bid. In 2009, Desmond Tutu,was paid 1M rand to support the Australian bid for 2022 after he had already taken $50,000 off Qatar for the same support. The Ausie money went to a children's hospital, the Qatar money, to His HIV trust, neither was returned. No its not about the money it's about the football - of course it is. When David Beckham went to Singapore for the 2012 Olympic bid,he did it just for expenses-no fee.
  15. Oh ! All scotty1 posts have been deleted. How do you do that ?
  16. Air Canada had a delayed 747, due to engine problems It was Fin 303 a real dog of an aircraft. The engine cowling was still off as the passengers made their way from a bus to the steps. One of them turned to me and asked if it would be possible to get a picture of this engine, due to the irony of it having a badge with " Pratt and Whitney- Reliable Engines " displayed on the side. I took the picture for him closer to the engine, than he was allowed to go. He may still have it somewhere
  17. The first word of this post puzzells me. Should it be Scam or shame ? Or a proper noun ??
  18. The English ladies did well too. Considering a few of those bat handles have KY on them, its even more of an achievement !
  19. Having just posted this. I read in the Times about a French journalist, who was supporting the French police, in stopping more black and Arab minorities, than others, in their searches for drugs. Eric Zemmour 52 one of France's best known journalists, is on trial for inciting hatred. The charges came not from one, or two, or three, or four, but five anti discrimination groups..... Over 50% of prisoners in France have Arab or African origin names, said a supporter of Mr Zemmour. Phillippe Bilger. chief prosecutor at the Paris Appeals court was also cautioned recently, for saying
  20. Great picture on the back of The Times of ex Brentford lad, DJ Campbell, scoring the winner for Blackpool against the Scousers !
  21. If only the Metropolitan Police Chief could make the same remarks about rude, aggressive behaviour needing to be controlled in our country ! Well spoken Col Chatchai- good on you son ! In Thailand, it is considered a fair assessment of the situation. Here, the Liberals would be calling for the Chiefs head, branding him a RACIST and Boris Johnston must sack him as such. That is one of the many things wrong with our PC ways, in the west.
  22. Why Roy Hodg' accepted that poisned chalice, I will never know. He was a God at Fulham. Rumour has it he is coming back to West London......
  23. Thanks Samso' you have answered something that has puzzled me for years.
  24. One aspect of drug trading - it's a bloody sight easier than working for a living. That's why it attracts the ne're-do-wells,who do it. I blame the consumers, who hand over bundles of cash for very little return. " I get no kick from cocaine, I'm sure that if , I took only one sniff........
  25. Thanks for that, but I am sure I flew in a 727 in the 60's ? LH from LHR to DUS ? That is some gap from the old 707's I remember in the late 50's.
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