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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Dungheap, There is very nice restaurant right opposite R.G. - called Alois. Tell them you friend of Russell and they will look after you very well. They have great temperature controlled wine cellar too. Now one of my favourites in Patts. Cheers
  2. Last flew with Singapore in November Melbourne/Bangkok/Melbourne. IMHO their standards are still very good but not so their reservation system. The Bkk/Singapore leg flight was cancelled (I believe because of low occupancy as this was at the time of the floods and there were few passengers wanting to go to Bangkok at that time) and the flight they put me on arrived in Singapore one hour after the scheduled departure of the Singapore/Melbourne leg. As it turned out the flight to Melbourne was an hour late departing but it was my first flight on the A380 so did not really mind. I would not he
  3. Another easy win last Saturday by 4 to 5 lengths untouched. Record now 14 out of 14. Get a real buzz watching this great mare racing.
  4. Hmmmmmmmmm - got me thinking there Deuce - Rideher Cup is Europe v USA with a few of us colonials thrown in. Maybe could come up with Patts equivalent of the Solheim Cup. Would not mind a round or two with Paula or Michelle - that would sure put them off their game and ensure another Euro win.
  5. Try a round or two of golf - there are some nice caddies out there.
  6. Jetstar could not pay me to fly with them. They are crap. Good luck anyway M'8 if your flight does manage to depart and arrive anywhere near schedule.
  7. Last minute trip booked at the weekend - 5th to 19th March.
  8. Could not give a rats arse about Superbowl. But looks like Secrets will have a good show on for it.
  9. Just remembered an experience in Phil late last year. Staying in a high rise condo and had trouble opening the in room safe. Called reception and they advised look underneath the the safe for the key.
  10. Sadly will have to watch from far away. Have a great night anyway.
  11. Maybe I am gullible but I would like to say that I have been coming to Pattaya on a regular basis for the past 10 years - maybe 15 to 20 trips and I have formed an opinion that Thai girls from mainstream establishments are as honest as the day is long (or have I just been lucky???????) A couple of questions spring to mind on this event - 1. Did the girl (or anyone else) have knowledge of what was in the safe - I do not think too many of us leave 100,000 baht in a hotel safe. 2. If she did not know what was in the safe it seems pretty unlikely to me that she would try such a break in on jus
  12. So one Victorian in the side (and by all accounts just scraped in) almost single handly cleans up the Poms. Why cannot the best domestic team in the country get more representation in the Aussie side? The best Aussie batsman on current form (Brad Hodge) does not even get a look in. Still a long way to go but great start by Australia.
  13. Have a look at the suites at Heaven Above. Just off Walking St in Soi Diamond. Never stayed there but like the go-go and heard good reports about the accom.
  14. Hi Pete, Cannot add much to the comments of the previous posters. Obviously it is impossible to please everybodies tastes in music. Me being 60+ am most likely to have different preferences to the younger generation but in my humble opinion what you have going there is just fine.
  15. I have read on here and other boards many complaints about Cebu Pacific particularly on the Bkk/Clark(Angeles) route about flight cancellations, delays etc. Personally I have never done that route but on several occasions have used them for Bkk/Manila/Bkk and without exception they have been spot on. Of course they are a budget airline and you get what you pay for but as I say they have never let me down.
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