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  1. Hi Naughtyboy I have stayed at both hotels and they are both good. Only disadvantage I find with Residnece Garden is that it is a little way out although naht buses pass every few seconds. As already said Areca Lodge is about 10 minutes walk from Walking street so not too far. I will be staying again at Areca end october as I am only there for 3 or 4 days. I recomend it. Ric
  2. don't know any in Pattaya but there are plenty in Chiang Mai. Did a 3 day course last year and it was great. Only 8 in class Ric
  3. Have used both Top Charoen and Beautiful Optic and had good servcie from both. A damn site cheaper than in UK Ric
  4. There are book shops in Big C and Royal Garden Plaza. I always find they have good selection. Ric
  5. Can recomend Mr Toom. Ex Thai Limo driver and only 1200baht incl tolls. Do search under Toom for more details Ric
  6. I can thoroughly recomend Mr Toom. I used his service in MArch and was very impressed. His spoken English is good and he is good company on the journey to Pattaya. 1200baht includes the tolls. He was waiting at the eirport with a large sign you cold not miss. Within 10 minutes we were in the car and on our way. Will use him again next visit Ric
  7. Pity you got it wrong Bigfoot. It was not a German who won but a Swede. Ric
  8. I used to take taxi but now get a bus from Mo Chit if I am going there first. Usually though stop in BKK for a couple of nights then take bus from Ekamai. I have become a cheap charlie in this respect but not when it comes to hotel or girls. Ric
  9. Deadman, the flights you are using are the ones I usually use. It is great arriving early morning and departiong at mid day for return journey. Who wants to wait until midnight for a flight when yoiu have to be out of hotel by mid day. I go out in March but this time on evening flight as I have things to do during the day but I return on good friday on mid day flight. 43 days and I am in Ric
  10. I am on NTL as well. I check my emails all the time when I am in Thailand. Just go to www.ntlworld.com Click on My email. Enter user name and password and you can read your emails. If I find I have a lot and want to make sure I dont lose them I forward them to my Yahoo account so I still have them when I get home. Ric
  11. Best comparison at the moment is that Thai are cheaper. Airline Network have fare of £449 for departure until 7th April. Last Minute .com have fare of £398 on Ethihad for same period. Richerts
  12. Thats an expensive hotel Piero are a bevy of girls included in that price?
  13. I have used Thai on my last 4 trips. I like the day time flights in each direction. Arriving early morning gives you an extra day there. I always think that on last day I just want to get home and not hang around after being chucked out of hotel room at 12 noon. Thats why I take day flight. Will probably use them again in MArch if the fare is good although I will only be spending about 3 days in Thailand as am going to Phils for a change of pussy. Ric
  14. I checked for a friend for this period and £700 was about cheapest I could find on any sight.
  15. Used them several times now with no problems always booked online from UK. Domestic flights go from domestic terminal in BKK. Only let down once when I ended up with a 6 hour wait because they had no aircraftbut that was flying to BKK. Good servcie all round in my opinion. Ric
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