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  1. Don't think there's been any change on the domestic flights. If you are connecting from international flights and leave your old luggage labels on they are quite relaxed if you are a few kilo over.
  2. Don't you worry these super hot young Ruskies are not thinking "some of these young western guys are so hot but the older ones, there's not enough rohypnol."
  3. It isn't over over though. There will be another season of it.
  4. They are extremely similar hotels with a swimming pool in the same place. Wouldn't be surprised if the same architect was involved or someone stole the plans from whichever was built first. Might be four or five years since I stayed in either but thought at the time that J&P was slightly better maintained. As for noise I can't remember suffering at either place but as said a lot depends on the current people staying.
  5. Place next door J&P Court is very similar but slightly better in my opinion. Unfortunately doesn't have much of an internet presence so not as easy to book.
  6. Hi Cunt, probably Indians without the pole and whose bread would be tear shaped or round and flat rather than come in loaves.
  7. Was in there Sunday lunch time. Took a little while for my table to be approached by a member of staff who picked one thing up and shouted at another to clean the table. Two visits later and it is sparkling but that's three times staff have been and I don't have a menu nor has anyone asked me if I need a drink. So I walk out.
  8. Rightful place? Where on earth do you get that from.
  9. Flew with them in business class from Schiphol to Bangkok and they were fine for the price. Agree about the drinks not being cold enough. Warm champagne and white wine on board and even in the business lounge in CAN none of the fridges seemed to work.
  10. I think it is possible that Liverpool could go through the season undefeated and come second.
  11. I'm quite happy with these... https://www.harmankardon.co.uk/SOUNDSTICKS3MIIEUP.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw_vfcBRDJARIsAJafEnF4hZZsL2ClpH8uyCVYl5nHLx43gEFypdDRIK3KUL8DMR6gXoBbveYaAtOnEALw_wcB
  12. It would appear it's worked fairly well in both places.
  13. This was my post on the subject on the thread on Live... I've said this before but will repeat it as nothing has changed. Live, Talk and Secrets just about have enough good posters between them to populate one quality forum. Unfortunately you'd have all the cunts in one place too and that would just be too much for me to take.
  14. This looks like a good resource to read... http://www.thailandadventureguide.com/camping-in-thailand/
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