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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. thinkingallowed

    Indian girls

    Hi Cunt, probably Indians without the pole and whose bread would be tear shaped or round and flat rather than come in loaves.
  2. thinkingallowed

    The Robin Hood Tavern in The Avenue (updated Jan. 3, 2019)

    Was in there Sunday lunch time. Took a little while for my table to be approached by a member of staff who picked one thing up and shouted at another to clean the table. Two visits later and it is sparkling but that's three times staff have been and I don't have a menu nor has anyone asked me if I need a drink. So I walk out.
  3. thinkingallowed

    Premier League 18-19

    Rightful place? Where on earth do you get that from.
  4. thinkingallowed

    China Southern Airlines

    Flew with them in business class from Schiphol to Bangkok and they were fine for the price. Agree about the drinks not being cold enough. Warm champagne and white wine on board and even in the business lounge in CAN none of the fridges seemed to work.
  5. thinkingallowed

    Premier League 18-19

    I think it is possible that Liverpool could go through the season undefeated and come second.
  6. thinkingallowed

    Decent PC speakers - any suggestions?

    I'm quite happy with these... https://www.harmankardon.co.uk/SOUNDSTICKS3MIIEUP.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw_vfcBRDJARIsAJafEnF4hZZsL2ClpH8uyCVYl5nHLx43gEFypdDRIK3KUL8DMR6gXoBbveYaAtOnEALw_wcB
  7. thinkingallowed

    Do you Book direct or through a Travel Agent?

    Premium economy is a gateway drug for this.
  8. thinkingallowed

    An Interesting thread..................

    It would appear it's worked fairly well in both places.
  9. thinkingallowed

    An Interesting thread..................

    This was my post on the subject on the thread on Live... I've said this before but will repeat it as nothing has changed. Live, Talk and Secrets just about have enough good posters between them to populate one quality forum. Unfortunately you'd have all the cunts in one place too and that would just be too much for me to take.
  10. thinkingallowed

    Parks for camping? ~ 5 hours from Pattaya

    This looks like a good resource to read... http://www.thailandadventureguide.com/camping-in-thailand/
  11. thinkingallowed

    World Cup

    English chaps might be a little sad but I assure you that you have no need to worry about any Scottish or Welsh friends you may have.
  12. thinkingallowed

    World Cup

    He'll probably claim a penalty scored in one of the other games.
  13. thinkingallowed

    LK Royal Wing - Soi Bukhao review

    Never noticed the beds being hard there but when they are discounted you'll struggle to find rooms as big at the price. The rooms with big balconies are well worth the small extra cost.
  14. thinkingallowed

    Newton's First Law explained

    I am now hypnotised.
  15. thinkingallowed

    Anyone know why BR068 on Tuesday was cancelled?.

    Thankfully flightstats.com says Baz took off at 00:11 Hurrah