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  1. And the stinking drains, particularly walking from Grand Condotel along the "pedestrianised" road towards the police station. It's horrible and often makes me wretch.
  2. I doubt there's a single power source, that would be too logical . .
  3. It amazes me that more guys working on that spaghetti don't get electrocuted. How the hell do they know what cable goes where and which ones are not live? Hats off to them, massively dangerous work.
  4. Nice video Manmohan and welcome from me too. Looks like you had a great time. My comment would be similar to @jacko - I'll be going to bed here in UK shortly and I know I'm gonna have huge trouble getting that tune out of my head . . . 😉
  5. Hope you take pics without her arms in the way though . . . 😁
  6. Great reports and great pics Rhino . . . I'm 100% with @Bullfrog on preferring the BF to the model, certainly facially anyway, as can't see the BF's body . . . (hint, hint) . . 😉
  7. That made me laugh Butch, brilliant mate. Not sure about the Sherbert Fountain though. Fifteen years ago when a TG was giving me a happy ending I could hit the headboard if she got the timing right. Nowadays it's a belly button blob . . . 😉
  8. Your post made me laugh out loud Yogi. So bloody true. Your last line sums it up perfectly. Great boost to the ego to have a 23 or similar age girl crawling all over you, even if it is fake. Although we know it, I usually play it a bit by saying something like I only take girls who really love me and see what the reaction is. I can have a great laugh with them along these lines. I know it's shit, she knows it's shit, but WTF, we're only here once and if it goes tits up in the bedroom sometimes, so be it. Sometimes it doesn't though and there has to be some self gratification if one can make a 23 year old genuinely cum. It's a challenge and I love challenges. You've used another great word in that line too. Hussies. Haven't heard or used that word for about the same length of time as scarpered.
  9. Great word "scarpered". Haven't used it myself either for yonks . . . I haven't looked anything up, but thinking about the words "scarpered" and "scampered" to my mind there's a fundamental difference in meaning. "Scampered" for me means getting or going somewhere relatively quickly, "scarpered" to me means get the fuck out of dodge pronto cos something not very good is going on".
  10. Couple of oldies but goodies . . . Two Irishmen decide to go fishing on the river one day. They hire a boat, row out to a pleasant spot and start fishing. Within 10 minutes they're pulling out fish left, right and centre. Mick looks over to Paddy, who's painting a big X on the side of the boat. Mick says "Why the fuck are you doing that Paddy?" Paddy says "This is such good fishing I'm painting an X so we can find this spot again". Mick says "Don't be such a twat, we might not get the same boat next time". Guy goes to the optician and says "doc, I think I need glasses". The optician takes him through the shop, out the back door and points to the sky. He says "can you see the sun?" The guy says "yes, of course I can". The optician says "well how much fucking further do you want to see?"
  11. Last one for tonight - got so much I could post here. Apologies if anything I've put on so far has already been posted, I haven't been through all 91 pages of the thread. Love this Metallica instrumental, Lars particularly brilliant on drums on the first track . .
  12. And speaking of Boston, while I'm a Brit, their playing live of Star Spangled Banner still brought a lump to my throat, as it did a couple of the people shown in the video. I believe it was one of the Super Bowls, when it was actually held in Boston.
  13. Wow, only just seen this thread after being on the site for a few years . . . love it. The Greensleeves track was fantastic. I've obviously missed Christmas, but on that theme, Boston made this version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman. Just love the guitars . . .
  14. Britboy

    Satalite Dish

    Great, thanks Big Brian, much appreciated. Rewind is good, especially as you say you can then skip the ads. I guess as time goes on they'll improve the functionality too. I'm looking forward to getting over there and getting this installed. It'll be great to have Sky Sports and BT Sports from the same box, though as you say the time difference doesn't help. When the Prem kicks off at 3 pm UK time on a Saturday it'll be 9 pm or 10 pm in Thailand. On a Saturday night I may be doing other things . . . 😀 And the 7.45 pm UK kick offs will be a nightmare . . .
  15. Britboy

    Satalite Dish

    Ah, ok, I'll maybe wait until I get there before ordering it, though have emailed them the question. Let's see if they get back to me. This is the one I'm looking at - seems to have all the channels I'm looking for:- https://www.iviewhdthailand.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=556 Interesting what you say about Irish adverts. I'm presuming you can't hold live tv on this like I can here in UK? The no. of ads on Sky really gets on my tits, so for drama or crime I hold it for about 30 minutes, then watch so I can skip through the ads.
  16. Britboy

    Satalite Dish

    Thanks for this Big Brian, that seems to cover everything I need . . . brilliant. I presume you actually order in Thailand rather than order from UK and bring it with me?
  17. Britboy

    Satalite Dish

    As mentioned in a couple of other threads, I'm planning to spend a lengthy period of time in Thailand (12 months minimum, yippee), probably starting in March. I'll look to rent a nice furnished condo/apartment, quiet and near a decent beach, that has good security, a pool, gym and near some local shops with easy access to taxis (that's a task in iteself - I may well book in a hotel for a week first and go the various property places to find the most appropriate place). While I'll be enjoying myself in the usual manner, I also plan to be sensible and won't be out on the town every night, so want to ensure I get decent tv access. I see Android devices have been mentioned in this thread - perhaps that's the best way to go? I'm looking to get Sky Sports and ideally BT sport too (though that seems to be tricky) to watch Premier League/Champions League and golf but also really enjoy the crime programmes I can get here in the UK via my Sky subscription (ID - Investigation Discovery, channel 154 on Sky, Sony Crime , Sky channel 157 and CBS Reality, Sky Channel 146 as well as National Geographic, History channel, BBC1, ITV, Sky Arts, Sky News, etc.). I won't have a base in the UK during that period, so can't use something like a slingbox to access a Sky subscription via VPN remotely. Do you any of you guys living there have any suggestions please? Looking around on the internet it seems a real quagmire, hard to understand what best to do. As I'll be renting, I won't be able to chuck up satellite dishes or drill holes in walls, so looking for the best solution using wifi and a set-top box. I'll need to ensure the wifi is powerful enough, again possibly getting something individual installed or a booster so I have no buffering problems with HD. I guess I could also stream via my laptop and hdmi-it to the tv. I'd be very grateful for any advice.
  18. Just seen this post. I'm booked into the Areca from 6th to 15th October - does anyone know if the outside bar, terrace area and Cafe are still closed?
  19. I've had quite a few good and bad flights . . . Good - way back in the early 80's, business class BA, London to Sydney. Nothing too memorable about the flight itself, but got on really well with the cabin crew. So much so they spoke to the Captain and I was invited into the cockpit for the landing in Sydney. Incredible experience, strapped in looking straight out the middle of the cockpit window as we approached and landed. No way that would happen today. Good - flying back to London from Zurich. My Thai gf and I. Booked in business, checked in online, got seats 4A and 4B. Got to the airport, checked in bags and gave us new boarding passes with seats 6A and 6B. I told them I'd checked in online into 4A and 4B, the guy said I have no idea why they've changed. Bit odd I thought. Boarded the plane, we took our seats, nobody else at all in business. Even more odd. About 10 minutes before take-off I saw out the window 4 FBI-type guys in suits with earpieces and walkie talkies. WTF? They boarded, 2 sat in row 2, 2 sat in row 8. Then another guy walked up the steps, same dress code, carrying a bright red briefcase. Then realised this was some VIP and lo and behold 4 more guys surrounding Prince Charles walked across the tarmac, up the steps and boarded. Charles sat in row 1, the guys filled the remaining seats in rows 2 and 8. Interesting flight. Got talking to the bodyguards and had a few beers. I needed the bathroom before we landed, I asked the stewardess if I had to use the back ones, she said no, you can use the front. So walked passed Charles to the bathroom. As I came out, he looked up, said hi and we had a 5 minute chat. Very pleasant. He'd been skiing at Cloisters with William and Harry but explained they have to travel separately for obvious reasons. Bad - worst flight for sure was Moscow to Pyongyang in 1981. Horrific plane, horrific service (they served one drink on take off, didn't see any staff until we landed after that) and the worst landing I've ever experienced. Came down with such a thud half the overhead bins opened up and spewed bags out. The start of the scariest 6 weeks of my life.
  20. Thanks for that Mirkwood, didn't know about Yuth bar. Where is Big C? Britboy and the lads will be in town Oct 28 to Nov 3. Bring on the pool parties, can't wait. I've always been into music, rock in particular, so will give this place a look. Are there bar girls in there? If so, decent standard?
  21. Absolutely fantastic. Really enjoyed that, thanks for posting it.
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