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  1. Ken, thank you very big for the info, as I was only thinking about a trip for 2 or 4 people it's probably a bit costly. I reckon I would be better off getting a flight to samui or phuket for the same price. Lots of blokes getting man massages on dong tan beach and plenty of rooskies in VT5C and D clogging up Jomtien. That stretch of Jomtien beach is a no go zone after about 7.30pm.
  2. i know this has been asked before but how much to rent a speedy boat for the day to get out to these outer islands. I wonder who is going to win the battle of Dong Tan......will the rooskies run all the poofs off their home turf? I can't see them working and playing together very well.
  3. Q. What's the difference between Georgians and Nigerians? A. Nigerians are slightly more trustworthy. p.s. wasn't Stalin a Georgian?
  4. Just wondering how many times you have scored a cab share buddy from these adds over the years Leo? Any interesting stories to tell?
  5. The place always reminded me of a funeral parlor. good place to read the paper in peace. you could always "drag" some interesting patrons in from next door I suppose.
  6. I use the meter taxi's as a last resort, too many bad experiences with crazy drivers and crap cars. I use Mr T about 8-10 times a year and never much of a problem except for somtimes a misconnect at the airport which was usually due to long immigration lines. Most of them are medium paced drivers except I find some can go a bit fast from swampy to pattaya, maybe they are used to punters telling them to go fast as they want to get to Pattaya ASAP.
  7. Especially with the amount of luggage you carry Leo. Two or three suitcases this time?
  8. Only 3 vacant seats left and less than 3 weeks to go. Book now while you can or miss this once in a quarter opportunity of riding with the infamous Leotex and listening to his facinating stories all the way to Pattaya.
  9. I stayed at the sandy many times from 2004-2010, the last few years of which I would stay a month at time for 4 months of the year. Everytime i went it was always a walk in and never booked. The manager there knew me by name and whenever I walked in she would say with a mock roll of the eyes "Mr X i have a room for you....high floor sea view just as you like it". Sometimes I had to move rooms a couple of time but more often they would move others to accomodate me. Many, many times they went the extra yards for me and whilst I havent stayed there for the past 18 months (as I am in a cond
  10. I hear the new A380 on the Frankfurt route has been christened "The Boomsing Bomber"
  11. The best Thai food i have found is in the little hole in the wall place in soi buakhao next to the gold shop. Its halfway beween where soi LK and Soi Diana hit Buakhao on the opposite side of the road. Most dishes are 50bht and rice 10bht. Most thai chicks I have been there with agree that is yummy. I dont think the place even has a name.
  12. sure no problem. it will save him on his first nights accomodation costs. See Leotex, I have saved you 1500 bht already.
  13. Is this your 50th or 60th? I am lousy with maths. my plane lands at 8.30 pm so i should be there in time for midnight when everyone is totally fucked up.
  14. If anyone arriving in Suvanabhumi at 23:55 on April 10, 2012 is looking to share a taxi with my good buddy Leotex (aka weirdo magnet) please reply here. He has had varied success in the past with cost sharing, sometimes no takers and some times some real weird fuckers (thats how he met Spike).
  15. Yeah, I saw a couple in the PBG do the same thing. not happy that the menu was not in russian and spat the dummy and stormed out after making a bit of a scene.
  16. seeing more and more arabs, indians and ruskies in soi LK of late. looks like the word had gotten out.
  17. after about 50-60 trips over 30 years my old mate has pulled the pin on pattaya due to the russians. he now only stays in BKK and loves it. cant blame him really. I am considering on doing the same mid year, just not sure on what i am going to make as my base, bkk, samui, phuket or Phnom Penh. BKK and PP are looking as front runners at the moment.
  18. ocassionally (maybe once every 18 months) my bags are put through the xray machine but never searched. But i do enter the country about 6 times a year.
  19. I have an almost mint one on my desk at the moment, I am will ing to aprt with it for 100bht to an interested collector :)
  20. I heard the russians are all hording them for a group trip to phuket on baht busses. always amazes me how many russians can cramb onto a baht buss between St Jomtienburg and Pattayagrad at this time of year.
  21. are you the guy with the suitcase full of candy and cigarettes?
  22. Gabor branching out into infomercials now? Tonights WS stunner search was brought to you by the good people at ThaiProperty.com, Turkish Kababs (u know you want one) and O Ring Massage shops.
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