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  1. I'm really glad I opted for biz class to London and back, picked up a stinking chesty cold 4 days before flying back, but was able to cough and splutter pretty much to myself. From the cabin sounds, I wasn't the only one with the bug. No way that I could have slept in economy.
  2. I like the 'Liquid' idea, they purvey the alcoholic ones, while we provide the seminal ones. Who thought up 'Finger Friday'?
  3. They are certainly showing 30kg for flights in September. When it was introduced, the 20kg limit only applied to the cheapest economy fare.
  4. I shan't be coming for P4P in Pattaya until things change significantly, but I will still be catching up with my TGF from time to time as I still enjoy Thailand. Currently looking at options, that may include the Philippines and other places more easily accessible.
  5. It doesn't always work, but I find that the price 'sweetspot' is often just over a month before flight date. By then they have a good idea what the load is going to be and will discount more if there is an over supply. However, leave it any later and the price will often go up due to the removal of the lowest 'saver' fares. Nothing much that you can do about the school and other holiday period price hikes, other than avoid those periods.
  6. There are no other direct flights currently. I found that once I got Silver status it let me select seats in the forward cabin, even though I was on near cheapest ticket, but only when I did the online check in. Less Indians in that section, who are as you correctly mention, en-route to India or Europe mainly. I was going to use them next month to fly to the UK, but with no PE and business class fares up around the same price as Qatar, and a lousy connection wait, I'm going to fly with Malaysia. I might go with Malaysia on future BKK trips, as their fares are a bit cheaper than Thai and reasonable connection time in KL. Other options I've tried are QF via Singapore, but you have to use Deathstar as the connecting flight to BKK. Scoot and Air Asia do not feature in my decisions.
  7. Are these guys likely to be Thai, or would they be Cambodians or Burmese?
  8. 'kin oath. Anywhere else you risk sub-20. Dumb cunts in Canberra and Sudney think that fiddling with local interest rates still have any effect on the economy.
  9. We live in a world that is now run by dollar chasing accountants, nothing else matters, just get it for the cheapest you can to maximize profit..
  10. To travel hopefully is better than to arrive (if I remember it correctly).
  11. Again that talks about power cables, there is still no mention of other utilities.
  12. Haven't see 'brown hatters' used for a long time; so much nicer than turd burglar.
  13. Brisk walking is under rated as exercise and much kinder on the knees than jogging, although I thought at first you were talking about tracking 'what your right hand's for' 555
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