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  1. If would appear that the OP is correct. See the capture here of a example booking, 30 kg for all economy fare rates.
  2. Bob Belzy


    WeChat is also quite popular and contains quite a few ladies looking for company. Just watch out for the katoeys.
  3. Airport expansions are about as welcome as a 'fart in a spacesuit'; local noise lobbyists and environmentalists would be a huge hurdle in that area.
  4. I don't suppose that list includes Indian and Chinese tourists 🙂
  5. Same as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Birmingham etc. etc....they don't operate any long haul flights. God knows what their business model really is, but its not to make money.
  6. With the railway at one end and the M27 motorway at the other, the current runway at Southampton is as long as its going to be. They could conceivably extend over the M27, but that would cause additional terrain clearance issues with the hill at Bitterne.
  7. Another concern is the possibility that it was the FAA that actually mandated the 'protection' to be incorporated in the MCAS that is the likely culprit in both crashes.
  8. One of the better reports I read suggested that additional data to that already reported by Flightradar24 was obtained from satellite uploads; and that something in that data triggered the rapid string of groundings.
  9. As far as I understand it that is correct, although the engines are not only moved forward, but also slightly upwards. The MCAS software that is subject to much discussion is there to cater for the changed configuration and is in action when the autopilot is off.
  10. I've got nothing against naggers, reckon we should all own one.
  11. Directly from Thai Airways web site. Note Silver FFS get additional 10 kg on TG flight sectors. Economy remains 30kg unless travelling on cheaper 'saver ' type tickets, rather like Emirates who limit it to 25kg. Checked Baggage Policy by Piece Concept applicable to an International Sectors to/from USA/Canada Destination Class Maximum weight / baggage (to avoid overweight baggage charge) Maximum checked bags Maximum dimension in total per bag (to avoid oversize baggage charge) To/from USA and Canada First (Royal First) 32 kg (70 lbs) 2 158 cm (62 inches) Business(Royal Silk) 32 kg (70 lbs) 2 158 cm (62 inches) Economy 23 kg (50 lbs) 2 158 cm (62 inches) Checked Baggage Policy by Weight Concept applicable to International Sectors within TC3 (Asia, Australia, New Zealand) , between TC2 (Europe, Africa, Middle East) and TC3 (Asia, Australia, New Zealand) Categories Maximum Combined Weight of All Pieces Royal First Class 50 kg (110 pounds) Royal Silk Class 40 kg (88 pounds) Premium Economy Class 40 kg (88 pounds) Economy Class 30 kg (66 pounds) * Except booking classes RBD L/ V/ W: 20 kg ( 44 pounds) for tickets issued from 01 Apr '19 and travelling on/ after 01 APR 19
  12. Stinking pig quality tourist enjoying beach on Koh Samet.
  13. Absolutely; I have no doubt that this will not be pitched as "a come to Thailand and retire gracefully" series. Sorry for the double negative, but the BBC and reasonable journalism are a rare combination these days.
  14. It pays to really check the fine print when it comes to 'pre-existing conditions' and 'coverage limitations'. I've noticed recently that one company has widened the definition to include possible conditions that might be related to a pre-existing condition. For example, they state that a diagnosis of Type II diabetes increases the chance of cardiac problems, so they won't cover you for heart related issues.
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