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  1. I pulled up to a stop sign and slowly rolled across the solid white, looked both ways and then carried on my way ... a hundred meters down the road a police car pulled me over for not stopping at the stop sign. I said to the nice officer ... 'slow down, stop, they mean the same thing' ... to which he pulled out his truncheon and began beating me mercilessly, and then asked ... 'do you want me to slow down or stop?'
  2. I think it's funny. I have a stalker, a fellow that has so many sign-ons/nicknames across several Pattaya-based fora who actually sends be forum messages threatening one thing or another, among them ... that he will red mark every post I make ... 555 ... my Buddha what serves for importance for some is mind boggling.
  3. Not sure why that warranted the red, so I balanced it with a greenie.
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