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  1. I think it's funny. I have a stalker, a fellow that has so many sign-ons/nicknames across several Pattaya-based fora who actually sends be forum messages threatening one thing or another, among them ... that he will red mark every post I make ... 555 ... my Buddha what serves for importance for some is mind boggling.
  2. Not sure why that warranted the red, so I balanced it with a greenie.
  3. Yep, people tend to obsess over the least risky situations, e.g., not wearing a face diaper; I reckon that correlates well with the most widely shown via media, any media. When statistically one of the most risky activities in a place like Pattaya is the most common, e.g., crossing 2nd road, or tripping in those flip flops on what serve as pedestrian walkways that are also largely motorcycle freeways. I have no data but in casual observations easily 10% or more of the farangs I encounter rambling around Thailand are limping. But those gladiator sandals, now those are cool, especially when
  4. Might depend upon the time zone but word on the street is that wearing a cloth mask stops droplets from escaping if you heave so as long as you are sipping from a straw and are masked up Fauci is ok with it. But according to Garcetti ... hold your breath when you remove that diaper or there may be a fine coming your way.
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