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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. That stuff you see on the roadside in Isaan is usually processed cane sugar. I grin every time I see a car load of tourists buying it.
  2. That is more like them EP but the old guy that planted many of the fruit trees in this area of Erawan (at one time he owned or controlled over 20,000 rai) grafted many of the trees he planted with European and other varieties. He did the same with the Tamarind grove grafting Thai plants with Indian plants. Some of those trees are massive today and when they die are prized up here to make charcoal. He is a neat old guy, almost 90 years old now and spent 10 years in India as a Buddhist monk. These blended fruit make great smoothies and aren't that sour. I add slices to ice tea. But they make
  3. Actually, there are lemon trees in Asia. We have a 5-rai grove of a Thai lemon tree that the wife calls "Lam" trees that produce a Thai lemon that starts off green but ripens to yellow. The Thais make it into soap, shampoo ... and it makes a great natural lemon scented air freshener. Here is a picture of one of the dozens of bushels of the little fellows we have been picking off the ground since May. If there is any interest I'll post more pictures later of those trees and the nearby Tamarind grove we harvest. But now off to pick more of those lemons that don't exist in Thailand apparently
  4. I just got another single entry 60-day tourist visa at the Houston Thai Consulate. it costs $40 and they require evidence of your itinerary. This time I just attached a copy of the route from the United airlines website which also happened to have the price quote. In the past I have just attached a copy of the electronic ticket. For proof of adequate finances I just attach a copy of my monthly credit union statement. it almost takes longer to fill out the form than it does to get the visa. In Houston if you submit it by 10:00 am you can come pick up your visa the same afternoon.
  5. This song/video "After Dark" and the band Tito and Tarantula will probably be unfamiliar to most until you add it is from the Tarantino movie Dusk to Dawn with Salma Hayek ... and should be required viewing by all chrome pole huggers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdvwQPbhq1E
  6. I just tell them they are a lucky man and would they like to know why because I can tell their future if they give me a couple hundred baht. Strange but they never take me up on the offer and avoid me afterwards.
  7. I don't like to admit it but my favorite cheese these days on American comfort food like nachos ... is Velveeta.
  8. Seems to be pareticularly the case for cheap/coommon US dishes like Mac N Cheese, Nachos, Quesadillas, etc. You can get them in Thailand but they usually disappoint.
  9. Someone gave you a red mark for that comment?
  10. Congrats, raise the bar a little next time and try and find MBK or Paragon mall.
  11. Daily Papers in the UK are 4 pounds now?
  12. Damn, now you've done it ... That was my girl and she is different.
  13. I was just curious why in your post you limited the apparent hypocrisy to just Buddhism fella. I have no dog in the hunt as far as espousing one faith as superior/inferior to any other ... including those that seem to have no faith other than to perhaps themselves. I take great comfort in my Christian faith, but no more than my wife takes in her Buddhism faith. Feel free to continue ridiculing either or both. It is only the internet and there are no consequences. We chose Father Ray as a charity in Pattaya because we could see the tangible good that it does and that they accept childre
  14. Yes it is hypocritical but hardly limited to Buddhism ... or Atheists for that matter. Many an atheist slips up with a "God save me" from time to time. I suspect Atlas is no different from anyone else in that regard; irrespective of his beliefs or disbeliefs. We all believe in something.
  15. Please explain why you curiously seem to assume all Buddhists are orthodox and perfectly adherent to the faith. Yet there are few if any Christians, Muslims, Jews or any other faith perfect in their practice of their beliefs. Let he without sin cast the first stone, eh? I know greater than 90% of Thais self-identify as Buddhists but I suspect most of them sin one way or another... and often, whether it is drinking alcohol, being unfaithful to spouses, killing animals, etc. Please explain how you or your faith adherence is any different.
  16. ... and that includes soup, some deserts and some of the salads are stuffed e.g., seafood salad. It really is a good deal and a pleasant change of pace. The Sizzlers in Central Festival has great a/c, and if you go when the Mall opens at 11:00 am you usually have the place to yourself for 30 minutes.
  17. I sometimes stay at Secrets on Soi 14/Walking Street, reasonable room, Ithink it is 899 Baht per night, open 24 hours.
  18. One Taco Bell franchise would drive all of those pretend Mexican places to ruin ... and yeah TB is not authentic Mexican either.
  19. You can Skype on either a laptop or Ipad without buying any software . Skype will keep trying to sell you an upgrade package but you do not need it for Skype-to-Skype calls. Like you I resisted buying a tablet for a long time. My laptop was like a Swiss army knife. But one day while knocking around bruising my knuckles trying to change out the alternator in my truck with a crescent wrench (spanner); I realized my life would be easier with a few more wrenches better suited for specific tasks. The Ipad has been like that; unlike the laptop no more waiting for the damn thing to boot. With the
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