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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Great memories Rhino Tusk. i still enjoy Patpong as recently as last month was in Kings castle 1 & met up with a girl that I had BF 4 or 5 years ago. She was still great & have to agree with you the bar has one of the best line ups in Bangkok. I like to frequent P Panther as well always full of cuties & eat at La Brouchon whenever in the area. Patpong was my introduction to Bangkok in the early 1980's our bar of choice being the Mississippi Queen followed by a stager done the street to Grand Prix then a late night / early morning jaunt into Super Star to see Sam & his lovely lasses. Alway manage to get at least one night there when in Bangkok.
  2. Narcos Mexico, as good as the previous efforts.
  3. I had a breakfast at the P W in Jomtien last week. The shit has to be precooked as there is no way you could cook bacon & sausage that quick. Arrived at the table some 5 minutes after ordering it. Was crap would never go back there.
  4. The caddys spend a lot more than 5 hours at the course. At Siam for instance they are there at 06:00 hrs sometimes earlier to work on the course filling divots etc, raking leaves. after a round on Sunday all the carts are washed & cleaned for the following week, guess who does this yep the caddys. Tipping is of course a personal option. I tip my caddys, some better than others. The club does indeed keep some of the fee, 80% to caddy sounds about right.
  5. Joe, I drove past there the other day. Dangs hot dog stand in still outside & looks like it serves some sort of fast food be it western or Thai. The guest house above, Tamarind if I recall the name has had a coat of piant. I didnt get a look at what is in the Saloon Bar building proper. Am with you was a great bar when Gerry Hotdog then Ron where running it.
  6. Are you thinking of Mike Smith from Ceasars Bar, used to next to the police station on cnr of Soi 9 & beach rd. He had a gammy leg from breaking it badly playing softball.
  7. First Barber, before entering Walking St turn left towards 2nd Rd. About 50mtrs up on the right hand side before you reach the traffic lights. The guys have been there 20 plus years great shave including the hot towels after.
  8. I have brought diamonds in Pattaya from Dave Pittman who now owns the Diamond Shop. He also sometimes has some nice gems in stock. He was previuosly the owner of American Diamond which was 1 of the largest diamond cutting factorys in Thailand. He is a very nice bloke & having known him well for 20 years can say he is very well respected within the industry. If you want to contact him send me a PM & I will forward his phone number. As for the price of diamonds in Thailand they are set on the world market but due to the lower rents & salarys here a jeweller does not need the same mark up to turn a profit. The same goes for buying set pieces. Goldsmiths & settings are much cheaper here compared to say the UK so again mark up not as great. I fully agree with the advice given that it is a case of buyer beware but this is really the same for buying jewellery anyway in the world.
  9. Amy at All Season travel opposite Frienship supermarket South Pattaya Rd.
  10. It is a nicely layed out bar. I think that the Honey pot connection may because Lek the owner of Classroom & Honey Pot is ( or was ) the owner of the building Chic A Boom is located in.
  11. Mate congrats on the purchase sounds like you are well happy with it. I assume from reading all this you are buying off the plans as downpayments & monthly installements are involved. How far along is the condo? You are saying that you are considering paying the next 20% instead of monthly installments as that is a pian in the arse for you. Maybe it would be better to have the money direct debited from a thai bank account to the developer on a monthly basis. I dont want be be an alarmist but a lot of condo projects get near to completion & then shit themselves. so the less you expose ypurself to this the better. I have brought twice off the plans & both times have done well on the purchase. Once with a Thai company the other time a farang company, but there are many horror stories out there. I dont mean to have a go here as you obviously know what you are doing but just thought another perspective may help. Good luck with the move. Oh by the way fully agree with the decision on condo 1st house 2nd. thats the way I did it with my missus & we have been together over 20 years.
  12. You pay the published rate it is the owner of the property who pays the agents fee for renting it out. Alan & Steve are both sound blokes go talk to them, just dont get between them & their tucker.
  13. Tonka, Good place to stay if you can get in. Farang food good & the girls enjoy the Thai food there. As with the Jack tar & Queen Vic does get the regulars in you will usually find someone to have a bullshit with if you so desire. Staff are always good & Bert is a helpfull host.
  14. Areca, walking distance to Marroit around to 1300 baht a night. Many of LK Metro bars near there have rooms under 1,000 baht , here are a couple of them. http://www.metro-apartments-pattaya.com/ http://www.hotelpasadenalodge.com/ Pattaya Bay Resort behind the Avenue Shopping Mall is supposedly nice although I have not stayed there, mates have & liked it. Soi 13 Sandy Springs & Dynasty Inn in the price range. Personally I would steer clear of The haven as it is in need of some TLC as the rooms IMO are pretty ordinary.
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