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  1. Enjoyed it more than I thought I would.Set in Bangers and Korat,the two English guys came over as decent enough blokes.Made last year by Sky the guy up in Korat Name of Scott said he and his LB were moving to Pats next year and buying a bar.Anyone know if thats happened if so where is it.
  2. "The Ladyboy capital of the World" it says here in the TV Mag,Pattaya Thailand.starts in 15 mins on11 free view.i'll watch it and give you my 2p's worth.
  3. I go with Adam as well,its good fun.
  4. Le Katai on Soi Lenkee organises golf outings.
  5. Try looking for flights after the 25Dec,prices usually lower and you only miss a few days of the festive season.
  6. I too was after the shirt,went to buchoaw market found a geezer floging them for 180 baht, one size fits all ,a really bad copy .Did'nt bother.
  7. Agreed fuck erm, let the Thais play Qatar on the Kings birthday
  8. Think theres a pool on top of Mikes Mall.
  9. I had similar problems with my teeth(5 front upper). I went with crowns ,done by Dr Aree 3 years ago ,she did a fantastic job,still as good as the day she did them.Did them on my 2 week vacation.The price depends on the quality of the gold used in the crowns,my qoute was from 45000 -72000 baht. Your best bet is make an appointment with Dr Aree and decide what you want.
  10. Have a look at this place http://www.hotelscombined.com/SearchedHote...telID%3d1543334
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